Have you ever tried to pick up a girl using MySpace?

Becoming a MySpace pick up artist is easier than you realise as long as you have an attractive profile.

Take a look at the following tips to make your profile suitable for being a MySpace pick up artist. Then all you will need are some suggested opening messages to date girls you meet online.

1. Your profile picture is very important. The best picture you can have is one where you are with a hot girl who is enjoying your company. She will then know that you are not a weirdo trying his luck!

2. You should aim to have a maximum of 30 photos. Any more and you lower the intrigue! Use some cool hobby photos, show your friends and of course…you with even more hot girls enjoying your company!

3. Turn your relationship status off! Create intrigue! If you show that you are single then you are making it too obvious why you are messaging her!

4. Do not have your profile open for access by people who aren’t on your friend list. She will not as readily add you if she can already see everything.

5. A big mistake guys make is that they delete photos of their ex girlfriends. If you show that you have an ex, you will be more trusted in her mind.

6. Don’t add any stupid zombie or gangster application that Facebook or MySpace offers! No hugging or poking either! You need to come across as busy and important!

7. An easy MySpace pick up artist tip is to delete all negative wall posts that show you in a bad way! If your buddy is inviting you over to play on the PlayStation then delete it!

8. The wall posts you should be collecting are ones from your hot female friends asking you out for a coffee or a catch up! Have you anybody who can collude with you in this?

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