[ad_1] The sad ending and Beatrice Van Rensselaer Adams During the 1880’s, Blakelock carried on painting.  He still derived pleasure from painting and showed his work at various exhibitions.  Often, unable to pay the rent, Blakelock was repeatedly forced to move his large family from home to home in northern […]

[ad_1] “Hayfield Meadow in Summer” [29th July 2022] by Matt The Unfathomable Artist, drawing with H, HB, 4B, 8B, charcoal stick and white paint-pen, signed in black ink on 280gsm 250mm x 300mm gesso primed canvas [pad], digitally edited image 3215 x 2802 pixels. I made “Hayfield Meadow in Summer” […]

[ad_1] We independently select these products—if you buy from one of our links, we may earn a commission. All prices were accurate at the time of publishing. Name: Meagan Jain, Kitty Jain, and partner, NikolasLocation: Brooklyn — New York City, New YorkSize: 1500 square feetType of Home: We live in the […]

[ad_1] Social media has the power and reach to create community, provide a kick of inspiration, and help artists visualize their work from a macro perspective. Your online presence could help you sell more work, win freelance clients, gain new creative collaborators — and build a robust and professional reputation. […]

[ad_1] Not everybody appreciated the items that artist Claes Oldenburg created, which have been gigantic sculptures of these kinds of commonplace goods as a hamburger, a lipstick situation, clothespin, ice product cone, pretzel, ironing board, teddy bear, aspirin, and a pretty, quite large bat in Chicago. Before the bat was […]

[ad_1] Some visual artists use sales funnels effectively, but they are rare. In theory, artists get great results from sales funnels but not so much in real life. It’s not their thing and I get it because it’s hard to learn and just as hard to stay competitive. I’m using […]

[ad_1] As NFTs can be associated with physical works (as with the Bansky piece before the fire) or can exist alone in the digital realm, this flexibility gives excellent monetization opportunities that will require creative interest without necessarily significant technical knowledge. Besides, since their high traceability facilitates the authenticity and source […]