“Fractured Aviary.”“Fractured Aviary” is a group exhibition…

ByMary E. Alvarez

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“Fractured Aviary.”

“Fractured Aviary” is a team exhibition offered by Antler Gallery & Talon Gallery, co-curated with Bayla Arietta and in collaboration with Yale University opening on Thursday, June 30th, 2022 in Portland, Oregon.

For the past year and a half, curator and artist Bayla Arietta has been functioning on an ongoing analysis undertaking amassing facts on chicken window-strike casualties in the metropolis of New Haven, Connecticut.

Working with other collaborators, together with ecologist Dr. Andis Arietta, and the Government Director of the Law, Ethics & Animals Application at Yale Legislation School, Viveca Morris, the project has unearthed the heart-breaking tale highlighting the effect our constructed constructions have on chicken populations. It is estimated that over one particular billion birds die every calendar year in the U.S. from window strikes. The group has resolved to use the information they gathered to tension metropolitan areas into re-inspecting their creating ordinances and contemplate fowl helpful types.

A person significant factor in the procedure of translating information from scientific details into one thing persons can connect with and act upon is the capacity to inform a compelling story. With this exhibition we hope to help construct this narrative by showcasing performs that focus on the splendor and fragility of fowl species although also reckoning with the detrimental contribution of our possess crafted surroundings, and the possibilities we make in setting up it, on them.

Bayla utilized for and won a Law, Ethics, & Animals Application (LEAP) Grant that is in position to progress understanding of, and attract consideration to the urgent threats experiencing non-human animals. As a venue that persistently showcases nature dependent artwork, we’re so excited to embark on this co-curated exhibition. Together we have assembled a roster of around 60 proven artists and asked them to produce work which furthers the induce of raising recognition close to this difficulty.



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