PenTips 2: Better than Matte Screen Protector for Drawing?


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PenTips 2 is a screw-on silicone pen idea made for the Apple Pencil. The firm has just introduced PenTips 2 on Kickstarter and the crowdfunding campaign will finish on 6 July 2022.

PenTips 2 is a sizeable enhancement about the original simply because it is a screw-on vs slip-on. I reviewed the authentic PenTips a several yrs in the past and observed the pen tip can slip off conveniently. That problem has been mounted with the 2nd generation

Throughout the Kickstarter, a established of PenTips 2 with a few suggestions is priced at €36 (USD 38). The retail value is heading to be €44 (USD 46). Prices integrated shipping and delivery worldwide. These are very pricey when you consider Apple is providing their normal Apple Pencil strategies for USD 20 for four pieces.

The pen tips are out there in black and white and there are no difference involving the two besides for the color. You can select the color or combine you want in the set.

The included pen idea scenario also doubles as pen stand.

The pen idea is not as tapered as the primary Apple Pencil idea.

The silicone is pretty really hard and won’t deform.

In the image over, the line at the top rated was drawn with PenTips 2. Stress sensitivity of Apple Pencil isn’t afflicted a great deal. I come to feel like the lines are somewhat thicker when drawn at the very same pressure, but when as opposed to the Apple Pencil’s line I are unable to see any change.

Tilt sensitivity operates great. In the photo above, the line on the left was drawn with tension and the right drawn with tilt.

The main selling level of PenTips 2 is it delivers you with more friction or resistance, and for this reason much more regulate when drawing. And it is effective definitely very well. The silicone does provide a superior total of friction on a glass surface area.

The feeling of drawing with a silicone idea on glass is silicone on glass. It unquestionably is not the paper-like tactile experience of drawing on a matte monitor protector. It really is a unique experience. The silicone also dampens the tapping seem substantially.

If you get the silicone recommendations, there is certainly not a great deal cause to get a matte monitor protector any longer.

I no for a longer period use matte display protectors mainly because they influence the picture top quality of the exhibit by introducing grain and color noise, and the anti-glare results in this white “haze” that influences what you can see on the screen. I’ve stopped using matte display screen protectors for a lengthy time and I have by now gotten employed to drawing on glass with the Apple Pencil.

The authentic pen strategies (correct) are continue to out there and are offered as PenTips Lite. It can be €18 for (USD 26) for a set of five.

I’m not sure if the corporation has produced any enhancement to the unique PenTips but it would seem like it can now adhere to the Apple Pencil tip more securely.

When I tried using drawing with major pressure and drawing with suggestion, PenTips Lite held on perfectly when I predicted them to slip off.

Are PenTips 2 really worth the €36 or €44? That is an incredibly difficult issue to response as these are genuinely expensive. You can come to a decision dependent on the results I have offered. All I can say is they perform really properly.

If you want to get it on Kickstarter just before 6 July 2022, visit this site. PenTips 2 must be available on the organization web site someday in the long run.


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