MAKING A MARK: How to assess entries for an open art society exhibition (Part 2)

ByMary E. Alvarez

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Present-day Component 2 of my concentrate on evaluating entries for an open artwork modern society exhibition is likely to concentration on a technique I have devised for supplying every single entry in an open exhibition a distinct mark.

Yesterday I wrote about How to evaluate entries for an open art modern society exhibition (Portion 1) which centered on the amplified use of electronic choice subsequent the introduction of electronic submissions and, in specific, the pandemic

The rationale driving a marking system

I have 100 marks to award to every of a incredibly significant amount of artworks. 

The challenge for me is to 

  • make the allocation of marks make feeling to me 
  • check out and reach consistency throughout all entries through the time expected to mark every one
  • ensure the marking is reasonable i.e. that just about every and each and every artwork finishes up becoming rated “correctly” in terms of my sights of the relative deserves of the distinctive artworks

So how very best to do this? 

My marking program

I made a decision I would break up my 100 marks above 5 types which are:

  • Issue 
    • the notion / strategy at the rear of the artwork
    • “very same old exact old” vs . “new and impressive” perspectives or novel issue matter
    • sophisticated vs . simple
  • Layout
    • proof of thought re style and composition 
    • e.g. regardless of whether it follows excellent observe or regardless of whether it is just copied from a photo with no modifying
  • Use of Colour / Tone:
    • at a very fundamental degree – demonstration of consciousness of the use of colour and tone
    • potential to raise an artwork from 2D to anything much more i.e. demonstration of how finest to use color and/or tone to make an artwork much more successful
      • eg colour palette
      • eg tonal range and irrespective of whether correct for matter
  • Technical Proficiency re Media
    • drawing competencies / perspective 
    • talent in application of the medium eg. precision and refinement compared to clumsy heavy handed application and/or finishes
  • All round Affect
    • presentation for judging (eg great quality impression at the suitable type of dimensions – with no frame or mat in evidence)
    • degree of “complete” i.e. Does it seem superior?
    • “Wall Effect” – irrespective of whether it will “read through properly” from a length in an exhibition

Here’s an anonymised example of how it labored in follow.

Case in point of how my marking plan will work in follow

I also took the spreadsheet listing of all the (thoroughly nameless) entries and additional on columns for my marking conditions as well as a whole column which routinely calculated the overall as I additional in the marks for personal criteria.

How it labored in observe

It is really substantially less complicated to allocate 100 marks on a spreadsheet IF you:

  • use a spreadsheet 
  • only marking out of 20 for 1 certain consideration in the very first instance.
  • work on a desktop/laptop and bought the illustrations or photos open up on an iPad/pill. 
  • use a formulation to compute the totals!

The way I looked at them (by viewing the databases by means of Chrome) intended I received a large complete image – which I could enlarge if the file was huge sufficient to look at distinct facets of the artwork.

I found I started out to produce shorthand marking just after a whilst with distinct marks standing in for a “weak” (5) or “remarkable” (15) judgement. Down below or earlier mentioned those marks you needed to be quite bad or quite superior as versus certain standards!

For case in point specific weaknesses automatically captivated a mark of 5 out of 20 or even 3 if significantly bad e.g. really modest picture – producing it difficult to evaluate the graphic!

The trick is constantly to make certain you only mark for a single facet of deficit once and not repeatedly.

Once I began I uncovered I also wished to incorporate a column for “remarks” which would remind me why I had marked as I had and, in unique, explanations why I marked up or down.

In my viewpoint, it is unattainable to do all the entries in 1 go. However it can be a good notion to 

  • have a swift glimpse through all the thumbnails prior to you start
  • do the job in batches so you continue being fresh new and marking does not put up with due to getting drained

As any person who has equally marked and moderated marking schemes for professional exams on the earlier, I also checked periodically how I was making use of the marking plan when evaluating just one artwork with an additional to guarantee regularity

What about the other Judges?

The other Judges will have labored out their have methods of figuring out how to allocate marks reasonably. 

They may well have done some thing equivalent to me – or anything absolutely distinct.

Due to the fact there is additional than just one Decide and the marks are totalled, there is no way my process determines the consequence of the ultimate assortment – except as a contribution of one person’s viewpoint. 

I would be fascinated to listen to other views on how to mark or grade artwork submitted for an open exhibition.


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