Ask A Gallery Owner | What to Do when You Ask for the Sale and Get a “No”


Ask for the sale, no thanks response

You are talking to a opportunity buyer who seems head in excess of heals for one of your items. Your discussion is likely very well, so you determine to acquire the leap and question for the sale, but you do not quite get the reaction you were being hoping for. What following?

Here’s an email I once acquired about this situation. Remarks and inquiries from the emailer are in black, my responses are in red – names and spots have been improved:


Many thanks so significantly for webinar. Incredibly insightful. I have a gallery at a regular art wander right here in XXXXXX and attempted utilizing the procedures. Every thing seemed to be going super properly each time right up until I stated, “Can I produce that up for you?” I froze when they did not say indeed.
Three instances in the night I got to that issue:

1. 1 woman mentioned it takes her awhile to make a decision.

I would reply “Of study course, I realize – it is essential to consider time with a terrific piece of art. What is your conclusion generating process?”

Based on what she reported I would offer you to produce the piece to her household so that she could have an easier time earning the conclusion. I would allow her know that there is completely no obligation and that you will make all the arrangements to deliver the piece and pick it up at the time she has had a prospect to dwell with it.

2. A further claimed too pricey for her right now ($2,395). I prompt a payment strategy and she claimed she would consider about it.

“I can inform you enjoy the piece. It is our philosophy that we want to assist the artwork come across a excellent residence. We can be pretty versatile in creating that materialize. Are we a long way off on the price for you to take into account using the piece home tonight?”

Mainly I would want to learn how shut we are on the cost. A minor digging may expose that value isn’t the genuine challenge, then you can begin dealing with the real problem, or it might be all about pricing and you can then start off to negotiate in sincerity to uncover if there is a value at which the piece would get the job done, or if a payment prepare would do the job.

On presenting the payment plan I would display her, on paper, how economical it would be if the payments were break up up over 3-4 (or even far more, if vital) months.

2. A different stated she had to assume about it. I proposed I was flexible, what was she thinking on price. She claimed she would get back again to me ….

Exact same suggestions as higher than.

You mainly just want to hold digging until eventually you get to the heart of the subject, and then start out obtaining the client to commit to smaller measures – looking at the work in their residence – allowing you do the job up a negotiated selling price or payment program.

Wonderful do the job however – and had you not requested for the shut these a few would simply have wandered off and left you wanting to know why.

Alas. I will analyze much more ahead of up coming month. But I was heartened simply because the tactics got me a very long way! Now if I can get to as a result of the closing section I’ll be doing fantastic.


Have You Run into This?

How would you recommend going ahead when a shopper doesn’t say indeed when you ask for the sale?


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