[ad_1] Thea Magerand, aka Ikaruna, feels proper at house among the Nordic runes, legendary creatures, and cryptic symbols. In her art, this electronic illustrator and guide include artist merges fantasy worlds with a touch of realism. Ikaruna collaborated with Displate on our hottest Limited Edition – the mighty “Ragnarok Is […]

[ad_1] MIDDLEBURG — Men and women discuss about an artist’s eye, but possibly extra essential is the artist’s capability to truly hear what shoppers are inquiring when they commission a portray. Valerie Moyer, of Beaver Springs, is the type of artist whose paintings remind persons of happy moments and spots. […]

[ad_1] Not everybody appreciated the items that artist Claes Oldenburg created, which have been gigantic sculptures of these kinds of commonplace goods as a hamburger, a lipstick situation, clothespin, ice product cone, pretzel, ironing board, teddy bear, aspirin, and a pretty, quite large bat in Chicago. Before the bat was […]

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[ad_1] Neurographic artwork is an artwork kind that was intended in 2014 by a Russian psychologist named Pavel Piskarov. It is an intuitive form of artwork that involves mindfulness and intentionality. We have more than 100 billion neurons that transmit facts from the brain to the relaxation of the overall […]