Wires & Pots | Asahi So | Episode 848


Asahi So | Episode 848

Asahi So is a Sydney-based ceramic artist specializing in sculptural parts that incorporate wire with ceramic elements, and in wheel-thrown functional ware. Possessing at first skilled and labored as a florist, Asahi like of flowers has been carried above into his present-day function, with a emphasis usually placed on making vessels for flowers and foliage.


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What kind of instruments are you making use of for looping? Is it a bare-handed detail or a tool detail?

Yeah, it is a mainly bare-handed point. I don’t use nearly anything like a needle or a crochet hook. To join one particular length of wire on to the next I do use pliers and I do use pliers a little bit in the shaping of the sorts as effectively. I would say it is most likely ninety percent just my fingers.

Is it a specialty tool, like a jeweler’s plier or are they just standard pliers from the hardware retail outlet?

I would say they are a minor bit specialty, they are a smaller scale jewellery plier but not so super, super microscale kinds at all. Just kinds I observed at a jewelry shop and they have lasted me maybe 5 or six yrs now.

When you are weaving or attaching to your ceramic items so you ever have breakage at those people factors?

Pretty fortunately not. I have nevertheless to knowledge any breakage when I have been touching the wire to the ceramic but I have had situations wherever I have pierced holes in a piece and then glazed it and the glaze has run into the holes which has of course imply that the piece just can’t be utilized mainly because I just cannot loop the wire on to it.

When you are throwing on the wheel do you see the concluded product in mind?

Yeah, certainly. I do. I imagine I am conscious of proportions in particular since when I start out a piece I just want to make absolutely sure that the proportion of wire to ceramic isn’t particularly fifty-fifty mainly because that would be a little bit boring. I am often mindful that the wire has to be dominating or the clay has to be dominating. So I do have that in mind when I am throwing the ceramic bases on the wheel.

When you say not fifty-fifty is there like a perfect balance, like just one-3rd, that you strive to get hold of?

Not consciously I feel but as I described one particular product has to be the a lot more dominate just one I suppose, perhaps form of two-thirds, a single-3rd I consider. That would probably be the excellent. But it is not a thing that I consciously attempt to attain.

What was your source for mastering how to do looping?

I have actually been messaged by really a handful of people by Instagram asking me irrespective of whether there are any methods to learn looping and there are truly, I have Youtubed it myself and there are a few of video clips. If you lookup for knotless netting then you will come across some videos. They are great movies but I really don’t assume they are specially handy in educating you the practice but if you search there are surely videos out there that you can use as reference content.

What is the facial expression that you see most typically when folks see your get the job done for the very first time? 

I am not confident that I have actually consciously experimented with to observe people when they glance at my do the job. I guess I have not actually experienced the probability to do that especially typically. But I guess when I show my function to friends or other pottery folks I imagine the glance on their faces is perhaps surprise, I consider, and then the very first concern I often get asked is: How did you do that? and also, How very long did that get? So I guess, yeah, it’s possible surprise. Shock or incongruity . That’s a great issue, I will have to notice persons seeking at my perform in the potential.


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