Everything you need to know about convection cooking - Reviewed

Everyone loves cakes, cookies, and all sorts of pastries, and it’s what makes baking so popular. And if you’ve got the skills, selling locally with a commercial-grade oven works wonders. 

However, for the weekend warriors and hobbyists, most people just gravitate toward regular ovens. When in fact, convection baking can save them so much time and expand their recipes. 

Of course, that’s not to say you can’t get anything done with an ordinary oven. But you’re literally leaving so much on the table with just a simple upgrade.

So, before you set out to whip up another batch of brownies this coming weekend, let’s get to shopping. Or, in our case, finding out just what makes convection baking so much better.

Do More, and a Lot Faster

Whether you’re baking as a blossoming business or primarily out of joy, time is always a constraint. And since there’s only so much you can accomplish, it can get frustrating.

You see, regular ovens take forever to heat up and don’t let you bake in batches. Meanwhile, convection ovens let you bake much more in half the time needed.

So, in terms of efficiency alone, convection baking already scores much higher.

  • Preheating Takes No Time at All

It’s common practice to preheat the oven for more even cooking and standardise the time needed. And non-convection ovens often take their sweet time doing so.

In contrast, convection ones take no time at all. And when counting the entire baking process, most recipes are generally completed in about ¾ the time required. 

  • Work on Multiple Dishes and Treats

Most ovens limit you to one recipe at a time, severely limiting your potential. But convection ovens let you utilise different racks to bake even more goodies.

So, instead of letting those batches of brownies finish up as you prep in the background. You can easily have a buffet of pastries ready for the family to enjoy. 

Dramatically Improve Taste and Appearance

Although quality ingredients, practice, and specific recipes often determine how something will taste and look. Your oven plays a much more significant role in these outcomes.

And while any oven can make something taste good and look great. A convection oven or a commercial-grade oven can dramatically improve your bread and pastries’ overall taste profile and appeal.

  • Bakes More Evenly

Whether it’s due to spacing or the lack thereof, many newbie bakers struggle with even baking. As a result, there’s always one or two pieces that don’t come out okay.

However, since convection ovens circulate the air evenly, there’s a better guarantee. So, if you decide to use one, you won’t have to worry about randomness.

  • Better Crisping

Any experienced pâtissier will tell you just how important crisping is to the final output. But it’s a skill that you hone with practice, time, and better baking equipment.

Due to the drier environment in convection ovens, crisping naturally comes out better than in regular ones. And it’s a great leg-up for appearance and flavour. 

Upgrade Your Oven ASAP!

Even if you can create the same recipes with an ordinary oven, we can’t deny its shortcomings. And convection baking just goes above and beyond its capabilities.

Plus, if you have any plans to share your love for baking with the world. Soon enough, you’ll need to upgrade to convection baking.