The other day, I was talking to a gal who was an art major. She specialized in photography amongst other things and was busy getting her college prerequisites out of the way to go to a four-year university. She was not only an accomplished photographer, but quite an artist. When I first sat down near her at the local Starbucks I noticed she had a unique piece of art work on her laptop. It had been superimposed on the back for all to see.

It was so good in fact that I complimented her, and she smiled. Then I realized that she had produced that piece of art, digitized it, and put it on. Although I did not get her business card for her art business, it seems to me that this might be a good strategy to advertise your art while you’re sitting in a coffee shop, at the airport, or even while taking a flight, or riding on a commuter train. By displaying your artistic creation on the cover of your laptop, you will be displaying your art in public. Now then, I suppose it also makes sense to use this same strategy on the back of your clothes too.

Perhaps even on the cover of your iPad, or the side of your purse. Why not become your own walking advertisement? Why not put the name of your company along the bottom of the artwork. If someone really likes it, they can inquire, and you have an excuse to give them a business card. Do you see that point?

When I was younger, there was a gentleman in our town who was a painter and artist who did murals. He would park is a van in the first row at the movie theater, then go see a movie, and go out to dinner, and then come pick his van up after the last show. His entire van was a mural, and it had a name of his company and the phone number underneath with a little business card rack by the driver’s window.

I can remember seeing his van there almost every Friday and Saturday night. He must have gotten all his is a business that way. He was well known in our community and very busy as well. Most of the murals in our city had been done by him or by his company, same with the city next door. As an artist you must also find creative ways to advertise and market your art. Advertising it wherever you go is probably the best start.

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