Expect March, 2009 to be eventful as you’ll see from the forecast below.

Before we start, I’ve included an explanation of some terms that might be helpful for those of you who are new to Uranian Astrology.

The first term is Anticia, which is the crux of the Uranian system of astrology, and describes balance and symmetry.

For example, a planet is on the Anticia of another planet when the midpoint between the two is 0 degrees of cardinals, otherwise known as the Aries or cardinal axis. This means that the energies of the two planets involved will be played out in public, and involves the masses. Especially since 0 degree Aries relates to the world axis. In March this will occur frequently.

I will also be using more of the transneptunian planets that this system of astrology is known for including:

Cupido: Family, marriage, groups and community, society as a social group, art and artist colony. The negative side is clannishness and exclusivity.

Hades: Secrets, matters that can be nasty, vile or evil. We all know this can be contained in secrets. Hades also has to do with the three major professions: medicine, especially surgeons; astrology; and prostitution (not necessarily in that order). I, for one, think we should include legal practic es as a Hades manifestation. Lawyers actions are sometimes more criminal than the activity of their clients. Hades also has to do with poverty and neediness. Our newspapers and news broadcasts are working hard to make us aware that no one is immune to the effect of Hades.

Zeus: Fire, machinery, rockets explosives. Power to rise above, productive performances, creative energies. Goal oriented. Fearless and independent. Negative side is misdirected or out of control energy like rage. Overconfidence and egotism. Procreation rather that creation.

Kronos: Ruler, leader, father, master, king, nobility. Authority, judge, D.A. head doctor, the boss man/woman. Head of state, police. Independence and mastery. Kronos is anyone who is looked up to and held in high esteem.

Apollon: A combination of Jupiter and Gemini, and translated into mass communications and/or great success. It also has to do with far and distant places. It is commerce, trade and science. A strong Apollon one can get away with murder. Great powers of intellect, and multiplicity. Negative, overconfidence, overlooked details, not seeing the trees from the forest.

Admetos: Begging and end of life. It is the womb and the tomb. Closed in spaces like closets, boxes and coffins. It is cycles combined with closed in spaces washing machines come to mind. It represents fences that enclose a space. Most Uranian astrologers have a strong Admetos, because we use dials that turn and use focus and deep concentration. Plus raw materials, landfills, real estate and durability.

Vulcanus: This transneptunian represents great strength, powerful force, and volcanic eruption. It is vitality and good recuperative powers. Omnipotence, power plants and storms. Violent and out of control energies is Vulcanus’s negative side.

Poseidon: Stands for enlightenment, spiritual and intellectual wisdom. This transeptunian planet represents illumination. You will find that inventors have a prominent Poseidon. Religious leaders, psychics, spiritualists, mediums, and prophets have a strong Poseidon. It is also found in charts of those who are in the spotlight like performers and movie actors.

Now on to the forecast for March — which begins with Kronos,Pluto + Hades=Aries. The public will be made more aware of the underhanded dealings and misconduct of heads of financial corporations. If you think you have heard it all think again, especially after March 6th when Venus goes retrograde.

Right before the Venus retrograde the stock market will appear to be on the rebound due to Su=+ Jupiter=Venus, days of financial gain. This will occur on March 4th, 5th and 6th. However, be careful, Mercury and Mars are dancing with Neptune and it is all illusionary.

Many highend restaurants will be on the verge of closing. This is also a day to be careful while traveling. If you must travel by car have your mechanic check the liquids and water hose before you get on the road.

On March 8th and 9th, the Sun will be opposite Saturn. This aspect occurs right after Venus goes retrograde. These could be two depressing and worrisome days.

At the same time, on March 9th, Saturn will be 22 ½ degrees from Mars, as seen on the 90 degree dial, indicating frustration as more jobs are lost. It’s bad financial news as PL/ME +VE/NE=Sun, SA.

The full moon on March 10th falls midpoint Saturn and Uranus, if you can find a rock to hide under I suggest you do so. Don’t forget to take your hard hat when you leave the house
that day.

On the 12th the Sun will be conjunct Uranus and 22 ½ degrees to Venus. That will be a day of financial nervousness and insecurity.

On March 15th, Mars will be 22 ½ degrees to Uranus, and a major accident or explosion is possible. I would stick close to home and make sure my boiler was well serviced. Next comes March 16th the Sun =Aries/Uranus, sudden unexpected events may occur in the world. Whatever happens that day will not be good for the world financially. This is because Venus will be on the anticia of Saturn, meaning Venus+ Saturn=Aries.

On the March 17th, Mercury will also be part of the equation as it moves to 15 degrees fixed, falling on the cardinal axis and midpoint Saturn and Venus, having everyon e in an uproar.

And, on the 19th Venus+Mercury/Saturn=Aries, financial bad news, in other words the stock market should be closing downward. On Friday the 20th Venus+ Uranus=Sun+Pluto, the day will end with financial news reports continuing to be unstable.

Between the 16th and the 26th Saturn will be opposed to Cupido, family or partnership disharmony or possible brake ups due to financial problems. More downsizing and more small family business’s will not survive.

On the 22nd, if you have to go shopping, be very careful as to what you buy. You could think you are getting a bargain but instead be taken for a ride. Venus will be 135 to Neptune as Sun is 135 to Jupiter. Sun Jupiter is normally a lucky day, but since on the same day Venus is in hard aspect to Neptune, ad it is, instead, a day that is financially deceptive.

The new moon on March 26th could bring a reprieve in the stock market and bring some good news as Jupiter semi squares Pluto, and Venus /New Moon+ Uranus=Aries/Mercury, bringing change for the better in the financial news.

I anticipate the financial news on the 27th to be good as well, But do not be fooled into thinking that the recession is over. It is far from over.

March 28th and 29th can bring unstable weather conditions in various parts of the world, as Sun, Mercury+ Uranus=Aries. Winds and air currents on those two days w ill be unstable so I do not recommend air travel due to this instability.

On the 30th and 31st, we could hear bad news about a sudden occurrence. Sun, Mercury + Saturn, Uranus = Aries, and Sun, Mercury will be semi square Neptune, and the news should have to do with flooding. This bad news or sudden event has nothing to do with the financial market. The financial news should be good since Venus+Pluto=Jupiter.

Now, could you wake me up as soon as March is over!

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