In To Knowledge, her 1st book of poetry, Lillian was able to share her true life journey of expanding up on her individual, struggling to survive, breaking the chains of internal conflict and last but not least rising “in the direction of knowing” of her benefit and purpose in daily life – but not pretty reaching it. Viewers witness her endure childhood trauma, understand that her life does indeed have value and learn a enthusiasm for the atmosphere, animals, gardening and writing. The selection of 125 poems is arranged chronologically in buy to stroll the reader by her experiences more than a 17-calendar year period of time (1988-2005). Several of all those poems received awards and literary recognitions for Toward Comprehension have been posted in a vast range of online and print publications in Africa, British isles, US and Canada.

Somewhere DOWN DEEP Down below

*Note by creator: This one particular exhibits the psychological upheaval and recovery process, the fatigued elated victory of 1 wall eroded absent when the realization that there is so substantially left to do sinks in.

Somewhere down deep underneath,

Feelings inside me multiply and sow.

The more durable, colder inner thoughts then increase,

And exterior, they are established to display.

Sticking to all four sides, they acquire manage.

Bouncing back and forth, the interior starts off an echo.

Resounding classes and sermons –

All blended up terms that reap confusion

As they bond and fill each hollow.

Somewhere down deep underneath,

The means to love dimly glows.

It sends a shadow down the forbidden route…

And then a person wall starts to erode.

Just one down, still countless numbers to go…

Slower, however steadier, the programmed thoughts stream.

This limitless battle has designed the slightest advance,

Behold! The cycle has surely started to slow!

I Care

* Ode to my loving partner of 31 a long time (so far), written when we initial achieved. He patiently waited for me to have faith in in adore.

Who are you to disturb my internal feelings?

To arrive below, innocently driving my fears absent

Creating new fears as the old ones fade?

Do not go – but for God’s sake do not continue to be.

Clearly show your self to me or just go away.

Your inner thoughts are welcome here I believe,

Wanting your smiles and tears

And with you, I shed some anxiety.

Nonetheless I try not to treatment.

I may possibly not be ready to quit the circulation.

Gotta talk to you to halt this but make sure you really don’t you go.

I am confused between my fears and you

To you, I am who I am.

Nonetheless you continue to be in which you stand.

I worry I could love this too a great deal

Might not enable go of your hand.

I’ll be potent, take it as it comes and enjoy our time.

Wait for the unavoidable chime.

I am going to consider not to drive you away, I swear.

Nor will I display you far too much.

Nevertheless it is so difficult not to consider in this.

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