Thibodaux student seeks to win a scholarship competition with her art


Thibodaux High School senior Promise Shinall refused to let anxiety get the best of her. 

Instead, the 18-year-old used anxiety as inspiration to launch her own embroidery apparel business called Promiseful Art. 

“I was always self-conscious about my business but I feel I’ve become more confident opening it up to the community and showing my success,” Shinall said. “During my freshman year, I was struggling with anxiety and decided to embroider to kind of ease that. I came up with this piece that says, ‘You’ll do great things,’ and began to sell it online. People said it really helped them out a lot. So I just stuck with it.” 

Her business later expanded into embroidery apparel, stickers, prints and other artistic creations. 

Now Shinall’s work has landed her a chance to win a national scholarship and she needs to community’s help. 

Promise Shinall's contest entry is a collage of how she envisions her future.

Shinall is one of 24 finalists in the Church Hills Classics Frame My Future Scholarship Contest. Church Hills Classics is a Connecticut-based company that creates college and university diploma frames.  

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“I kind of entered the contest last-minute and they ended up picking me as a finalist,” she said. “It’s a collage of how I envision my future: continuing to create art that provides comfort to myself and others.” 


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