The Way Of The Rake

Lots of decades in the past in the southern regions of a land considerably away lived a gentleman by the title of Hewko. A poor man by providential point out but abundant in Mind, Human body and Spirit.

“Associations” he would say, “are the correct paths to wealth of soul, peace of intellect and well being of system”.


“Leisure is not for pillows as pillows are not for the calm”!

Several seemingly sensible and still puzzling points he did say. . . leaving the disciples who sought him no additional alongside in knowledge than in advance of. No additional peace of head than a rabbit in the wild concerned to venture out of its hole for concern of being eaten. No significantly less puzzled and no much more centered on their self imposed undertaking because they unsuccessful to act.

But they sought him out all the exact as all seekers ought to look for a person other than by themselves to “demonstrate” them “the way”!

The way of ‘The Rake’ clears all pathways that are unclear owing to the fallen leaves of time

And what of you dear reader. . . do you also seek out the spiritual therapeutic that arrives with the words and phrases of the Excellent Sage Hewko? Be of very good cheer- the mystery lies in the essence and foundation of The Rake! “The Way of the Rake”, as Hewko would say, “clears all pathways that are unclear because of to the fallen leaves of time” and I will share with you in a very couple text the philosophy of The Rake and how you can apply it this extremely day with no additional delay of peace to head, depth to soul and life to body.

“Just as the pathway of the forest is obscured by the leaves that slide there on. . . so also our minds are unclear by the endeavor that fall upon our minds”. Too substantially engineering, also lots of Business enterprise options, also numerous expenditures to pay back and just way too a lot of areas to be and factors to do. We are confused, our minds are cluttered, we do not exercising, we do not sleep. . . we know what we have to do but do not!

Meditation is a straw that eludes the grasp yoga is an exercising of brain and human body that does not usually satisfy crystals are debated, established on cabinets and forgotten and when experience sluggish standard medicine delivers no remedy- we seek out “holistic” and/or “different medicines only to obtain much more “choices” to the “choices”! Hewko would not deny all of the above as prospective therapeutic sources of mind, human body and spirit. . . but a single should very first create the self-discipline of The Rake!

The Head System Spirit relationship is Earth related. . .

All religions teach the value of the Spirit Earth relationship. The Bible suggests in the creation tale of Genesis, “with labor and toil shalt thou take in thereof all the days of thy daily life”. Person continually shirks his duty as “spouse” of the land and wonders why he feels so lethargic. The sowing and reaping of decades long gone by is more and much more distant from the lives of modern-day male. Hewko states, “Achieve into the soil of your own backyard and grow a little something”!

The Way of the Rake is very little additional than the rake you can obtain at the community hardware retail outlet. . . choose rake in hand and contact the Earth! Brain, System and Spirit unite in that a person uncomplicated motion and you are centered, well balanced and entire. The rake is literal but only element of it. Cultivate the earth, plant the seed and enable it improve! The regulation of sowing and reaping has generally been taught considering that the starting of time via the planting of seed and is the foundation for all business and romance.

If you are not able to obtain your way by means of faith. . . rake! If you are not able to fairly the mind. . . rake! If you are confused with charges, business enterprise and the cares of this planet. . . rake!

Unplug from Television set and pc, go exterior and contact the Earth. Modern modern day person allocates these primary lifestyle giving energies to other adult males who regard these God supplied privileges as almost nothing extra than a 9 – 5 J.O.B. How can we be absolutely sure our Intellect, Human body and Spiritual sufferings are very little more than self imposed when we go for months and, for some, decades with no rolling in the hay?

The male of religious conviction who scientific studies the Bible and yet avoids his “curse” can no much more assume God to response his prayers than he can anticipate tomatoes to expand in which he has not geared up the soil. Back again to the land really should be our motto. Dwelling grown should be the description offered the veggies on our desk. And the regulation of sowing and reaping need to be the initial law published on our hearts. . . Mind, Entire body and Spirit commences where by the salad grows.

Hewko’s Ultimate Phrases

“Obvious the leaves from the path of your mind with The Rake! Touch the Earth and the Earth will touch you. When we Rake we use the Head, we use the Human body and we locate our Spirit total”.

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