The Last Faith is a pixel art Metroidvania that’s really channelling Bloodborne

ByMary E. Alvarez

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Anyone up for side-scrolling Bloodborne? That’s the distinct vibe emitting from every gothic orifice of The Last Faith, a Metroidvania coming this year. Some more footage of the thwack ‘em up platformer was shown off at today’s Future Games Show. You can stroke your beard and make approving sounds at it, if you watch the trailer below.

The Last Faith is a gothic Metroidvania that has large, scary monsters.

You’ll play as a bloke called Eric who is highly efficient at slashing and shooting even the largest of monstrosities, which is quite handy because there’s a lot and they’ve invaded. Developers Kumi Souls Games say the combat is precise, and there’s a “huge range of custom executions”. Erm, thanks, I guess? All the beastie-fighting is to “subvert a hidden prophecy”, apparently. I’m guessing that means somebody wants to destroy the world or similar. Whoever is up to whatever, the devs say there’ll be a lot of weapons to attack them with. I spotted at least axes, rifles, shurikens and Eric’s fists on top of the standard sword.

Kumi Souls managed to nab £210,075 towards the game in a Kickstarter campaign that closed in 2020, outstripping their £45,000 goal. The devs call it “an unholy alliance of Metroidvania and Soulslike”, which, well, yeah. Good shout, folks. I’m impressed with The Last Faith’s detailed pixel art style, which sells those ‘custom executions’ perhaps a bit too well. The gothic rooftops and special attacks, such as colossal flying fists and multiple swords shooting into enemies, don’t look too shabby either.

The Last Faith is out on Steam during 2022. No day to report, I’m afraid. It’s also going to be on those cheeky consoles. There’s an official site here if you want to investigate further.

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