There are a lot of excellent things that you can do to promote your business both online and offline. Having a killer website is a must and a good marketing plan is key. But you should never forget that even more than the art or creativity that you are selling is you.

People like to buy from people that they like. Sounds simple, right? Well, most great truths are simple– and this one is no exception.

Think about it. If you were going to hire an interior designer, you would probably be willing to pay more for the same service if you knew that you were buying from a designer that you really, really liked – both their creative style, and their personality. You’d do so because you know you’re going to receive quality and you can trust them.

Trust is the golden key to getting more clients and buyers.

If you have ever been to an art and wine festival or a fair where people were selling their creations or services, you’ve had the experience of interacting with both good and bad salespeople. The major difference between the two is one thing: likeability.

The best salespeople aren’t trying to sell you. They’re asking you questions about your day, complimenting you on your shirt, smiling, and just being friendly. They only tell you about their products if you seem interested or you ask, and they aren’t pushy at all. In the end, if you liked what they were selling and they were friendly and genuine, you very likely bought something from them. They were likeable.

It’s no longer about the hard sell. That doesn’t work any more and often just pushes people away. If you want to be successful in your business, learn to focus far more on creating lasting relationships and building trust with people.

Here are some excellent tips to help boost your likeability:

– Smile!
– Ask questions! Ask them about themselves, about their family, their pets, what they like and don’t like. People love to talk about themselves.
– If they like what you are selling but don’t necessarily want to buy, mention that your creations make excellent gifts; do they know anyone who has a birthday or anniversary coming up?
– Don’t be pushy! Relax and have fun.

Ask yourself: what is your story? What is it about you that makes you unique and special? What do you do differently than others? Why do you do what you do?

The answers to these questions are your story – your brand – one of the other major reasons why people like you and want to buy from you. Write your story, and share it.

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