The Art Biz ep. 123: Qualities Galleries Are Looking For in Their Artists with Jeremy Tessmer


Oh, grasshopper, if I could share the top secret of receiving gallery illustration, I would. Assure. I do not preserve issues from you.

3 Issues You Can Wager On

There is no mystery to having gallery illustration mainly because there is no solitary way that artists enter gallery stables.

Three items are for specified.

1. You never make a few parts and then start out approaching galleries. 

That shift has amateur composed all in excess of it.

2. It will consider time, which will take a look at your dedication.

Artists new to the sector never like to hear that it is a lengthy method that you will have to be invested in. Definitely there have to be a shortcut. A concealed doorway.

Undoubtedly. Not.

3. Bolstering your associations with other gallery artists will radically boost your prospects of having gallery representation.

You do not have to have to believe me. Hear to gallery director Jeremy Tessmer in this episode of The Art Biz podcast.

You will listen to how Jeremy views an artist’s professionalism, what he thinks of on the internet platforms, and how he taught himself artwork historical past (and why that was crucial to him).

Jeremy describes Sullivan Goss as an on-ramp for collectors and artists—one that connects their roster of nearby, regional, countrywide, and international artists. You are going to hear him discuss 3 characteristics that he appears to be like for in artists, two of which are non-negotiable, and how he sights the artists in his gallery as a loved ones. He states that “dealers should really have some sense of accountability for the properly-remaining of their artists.”

Get a cup of tea or espresso and enjoy this discussion with Jeremy Tessmer.


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