1. Under no circumstances Overlook 9/11 20th Anniversary Movie Sequence featuring “United 93” and “Reign Around Me,” Mandel Community Library “United 93,” a docudrama about Flight 93 in which identified passengers battled the hijackers and “Reign Over Me,” a film about man who misplaced his family in the September 11 attack […]

(Pocket-lint) – Dolby Atmos has changed the landscape of movie viewing and gaming due to the fact its inception. Now it is accomplishing the identical with new music. Taking encompass sound to a new degree, with added peak channels creating additional immersion, the audio structure is transformative. It is really […]

What’s arriving on Television set, streaming services and tunes platforms this week: Flicks ”Annette”: What’s your appetite for grandiose meta-musicals starring Adam Driver, Marion Cotillard and a puppet child named Annette? Mileage will pretty much unquestionably fluctuate, but Leos Carax’s “Annette,” which opened the Cannes Film Competition past month, is […]

Bengal has developed some of the best patriotic films in the history of Indian cinema. There was a time, in the 50s and 60s, when motion pictures like ‘Beyallish’, ‘Sabyasachi’, ‘Debi Chaudhurani’, ‘Mahabiplabi Aurobindo’ and ‘Chattagram Astragar Lunthan’ identified many takers. Even now, patriotic movies handle to grab eyeballs. Some, […]