Title and Author: Sun Tzu for Success by Gerald Michaelson with Steven Michaelson.

Synopsis of Content:

Sun Tzu’s Art of War was written by an ancient warrior-sage in China over 2500 years ago. It was first inscribed on bamboo strips around 500 B.C. It is the oldest book ever written. It has been studied by Eastern and Western strategists, both military and non military, for centuries. It is a profound body of work.

Gerald Michaelson has made a study of the Art of War and its many translations. He has traveled to China many times and has also studied other commentaries on the work. In this book he applies the lessons in the Art of War to personal and business success, both through conceptual translation and example. He is recognized as an expert on this work.

Michaelson explains how Sun Tzu defined, over two millennia ago, the personal characteristics that define success and victory over challenges and obstacles to success. He also describes the chief success strategies and applies them to non military applications.

The last section of the book is made up of short essays by business people who have applied the Art of War in their work and business and found success through the application.

The Art of War may appear to be somewhat inscrutable to the average reader and may even seem nothing more than an antiquated manual for ancient warriors. In fact if properly understood and applied the principles, strategies and wisdom in the Art of War have significant application outside of the military sphere and can be used by anyone to enhance the pursuit of success.

Readability/Writing Quality:

Michaelson’s writing style is easy to follow and well organized. He provides excellent illustrations and explanations.

Notes on Author:

Gerald Michaelson is author of Sun Tzu: the Art of War for Managers and Winning the Marketing War, both available in multiple languages. He has been invited to China to lecture on Sun Tzu and his work. He is assisted on the book by Steven Michaelson who has extensive experience in business and corporate management.

Three Great Ideas You Can Use:

There are lots of good strategies and teachings from Sun Tzu in this book and as often is the case it is difficult to choose only three. However three of interest are:

1. The master teaches that to gain advantage in war (conflict, competition) one must assess and compare five key factors: moral influence, weather, terrain, commander and doctrine. Each of these has corollaries in business and commercial activity.

2. To achieve personal success it is vital to know yourself including a sincere evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses; plan for self improvement and attain growth through relationships.

3. Additionally, personal success requires attention to active listening, being considerate, being courageous, practicing discipline, being creative, aiming for high standards, and seeking sound counsel from others.

Publication Information:

Sun Tzu for Success by Gerald Michaelson with Steven Michaelson.

Copyright: 2003 by Gerald Michaelson with Steven Michaelson.

Published by Adams Media.

General Rating: Very Good

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