Soundtracks are commonly referred to as music used in a movie or television show. In the movie industry, it is an audio recording created or used in film or movie productions. It may also refer to the music used in video games and this is called video game soundtracks. There is also book sound track. One popular book soundtrack is for J.R.R Tolkien’s The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings Trilogy and was composed by Craig Russell. For short, soundtracks refer to all audio components whether in television, movies, video games and books.

In creating a soundtrack for a movie you must consider the theme and plot to synchronize the sound and scene of the movie. Also consider employing popular music artist to drive more attention to the people.

A soundtrack album is composed of original songs and sometimes of existing ones. These are sold in the form of CD recording. With soundtracks, a scene is improved together with visual effects. One of he most well-known and bestselling song in a soundtrack is performed by Celine Dion in the movie ‘Titanic’ with the lead single of ‘My Heart Will Go On’.

The major component of the sound track is usually called the musical scores. Besides owning certain movie DVDs [], I also collect my favorite sound tracks of my favorite movies, composed by my favorite composers. They are James Horner, Alan Silvestri, Patrick Doyle, Hans Zimmer, Thomas Newman, John Barry, Rachel Portman, John Williams, Howard Shores and many more.

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