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Cleaning a sofa cover is essential for retaining its attractive looks and ensuring hygiene. When buying a sofa cover, keeping in mind the type and quality of the fabric is as important as knowing how to take care of and clean it is important. You can even buy sofa covers treated with special chemicals that make it more water, dirt, and stain-resistant. Some vital sofa cover cleaning and maintenance tips that will keep them going for long:

Pay Attention to Furniture Placement 

While sunlight streaming in through the windows can be welcome, you should take care not to place your sofas in places where they are exposed to direct sunlight for a long time. The UV radiation in the sunlight can result in the colors fading. The heat may result in material drying out and the furniture getting damaged. Covering the windows with curtains or blinds will help keep the furniture and the covers in better condition.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

Sofa covers attract smoke, kitchen fumes, and odors, including that from pets and human bodies making them dirty and smelly. By ensuring proper ventilation of the room, you can help the sectional couch covers look fresh for a longer time and stretch the interval between washes.

Vacuum Regularly

You should vacuum all sofa covers and the room weekly to get rid of the dust and dirt before they get deeply embedded in the fabric. You can get the best results by using a soft brush or upholstery cleaning attachment. You should move the brush in the direction of the weave or pattern to avoid snagging the fabric and damaging it.

Attend to Stains and Spills Promptly

You should address stains and spills as soon as you can because the quicker you act, the lesser the damage. If you spill a liquid, you should first soak it up with a dry cloth or paper towels. Do not rub the liquid as you will make the stain worse. After blotting the liquid, use a damp cloth to wipe the fabric gently. If the stain persists, you may consider using a commercial stain remover but be sure to test it in a place where people will not notice. According to NY Mag, spot-treating stains make it easier to clean the covers when washing.

Use Fabric Sofa Cleaner

You should plan for a deeper clean of the sofa cover with a fabric sofa cleaner once a month. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for a deeper clean. Allow the sofa cover to dry completely after the exercise before using it to prevent the material from developing creases.


There will come a time when even after taking routine care; your sofa covers will become dirty. To make clean them thoroughly, you will need to wash them. Follow the wash instructions on the label and wash in cold water using a gentle detergent. If you use a washing machine, set it to a gentle cycle, and be sure to let it drip dry under shade to prevent wrinkles and fading. If you iron, do so at low heat, with a steam iron.