I had the occasion to watch “Rock My World” starring Peter O’Toole the other day and I was thoroughly entertained. Sure, the language can be a little harsh with a lot of f-bombs dropped along the way, but entertain it did.

First, a quick recap of the movie. A major rock band, Global Heresy, has lost its bass guitarist and front man and are searching for a new direction. The bass guitarist has been assumed to have committed suicide. They hire Nat (Alicia Silverstone) to replace the lost bass guitarist and to assist with the writing and creating of a new set of songs for a new album. However, they want to get away from their fans and have a peaceful setting to create their new music. This brings us to financially strapped Lord and Lady Foxley. They have rented their home to the band’s management company but find themselves without the staff needed to run the mansion while the band is there, so they decide to be the maid and butler, much to the chagrin of Lord Foxley (Peter O’Toole). The shenanigans ensue as the unruly but quite compassionate band members take to the home and begin to carve out their place in musical history. Along for the ride is the underhanded manager, there has to be one of those, and an ongoing row between Lord Foxley and the Newspaper delivery boy.

The movie has many good belly laughs and some very revealing moments in the life of a band as they create their music. The music is good straight ahead rock by two different bands – Casino and Northstar. I could find no credits for the songs by Northstar, but I did not that A. Zindani and Jason Perry wrote the songs performed by Casino. There is little mention of Northstar on the internet, but a band of this name did perform from 1997 to 2005 when they split up and reformed as Cassino. I wonder if this was a conscious effort to get recognition for their contribution to the movie.

Regardless, the songs in the movie rock and what I found so endearing about the music is that these were not songs redone and rewritten from old hits and other rock standards. The songs were fresh and new. This helps the movie find credibility.

The other are of credibility comes from the realism of the internal struggles of a band along with the hi-jinks that were a staple of the rock world for many years. Whether it is smoking pot, dropping acid or just getting drunk, this band has fun.

The movie adds several dramatic plot devices to keep it moving along, but in the end, all is as it should be. This is a movie for any person that enjoys a smile and a good rock soundtrack. Keep it in mind to add to your collection.

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