When many people think of playing the piano as children, they have visions of being cooped up in the living room of an old piano teacher while their friends run and play outside. Although it’s true that many children resist learning to play the piano when they are younger, those who stick with it are always glad that they never allowed themselves to lose all that they had learned about this amazing instrument. Many people are surprised to learn that celebrities that are famous for dancing, singing, or acting also love to play the piano in their spare time. When people saw Robert Pattinson piano playing in his role as Edward in the Twilight movies, they were desperate to learn whether or not he was really playing the music; the answer is yes.

Robert Pattinson always dreamed about being piano player in a lounge or club someday. Although those musicians are often looked down upon because they didn’t pursue a career as a music teacher or a concert pianist, there is something very pure about playing your heart out in a venue where many people may not be listening to you. Although the pianist is essential in a piano bar or hotel lounge, and people would miss it if it weren’t there, they are largely ignored except when they play a song someone recognizes.

There is something noble about playing the music mostly for you to enjoy, and not for the applause or the recognition. There is a part in the Twilight saga where Edward sits down at the piano to play a lullaby for his dear Bella, and the song is very moving. It has been reported that when the directors of the movie first heard the music, they were moved to tears. Because Pattinson really knows how to play the piano, he did not have to fake it for the scenes of the movie where his character is required to play. He really sits and plays the song, which adds a lot of credibility to his role as this lovelorn vampire. When asked whether or not he has a piano at home, the actor regretted that it has been a long time since he has been able to tickle the ivories in his own apartment. Instead, he plays in public every chance that he gets. If you are lucky enough to be in the same bar, hotel, or lounge as him, you will probably see him sit down at the bench and play a song.

All of this should be a big encouragement to anyone who is thinking about rekindling their love of the piano. You don’t have to spend hours a day practicing while your friends are playing, but you can learn to play simply songs with just a few minutes practice here are there. Once you’ve accomplished an entire song on your own, you will remember the love that you had for the music, and you will be motivated to continue practicing. Then, you too will be able to be the center of attention whenever there is a piano around.

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