Queen Of The Damned: the story behind the movie


One Halloween, Australian director Michael Rymer found himself surrounded by thousands of vampires. He’d signed on to direct a movie based on the second and third books of Annie Rice’s gothic fiction series, The Vampire Chronicles, and had travelled to her hometown to meet her.

“Warner Bros flew me to New Orleans and put me in a hotel, and then Anne sent an old hearse she’d converted into a clear glass limo, and took me to the monastery she’d bought,” he recalls. “It was decorated with rooms of mannequins and dolls. I stayed there, and the next day I was picked up and taken to a big, old house in the Garden District in New Orleans – maybe three, four storeys tall, with a giant, stuffed wolf looking down. And the limo door opens, and there’s this guy with slicked-back hair and a ponytail and a gun holster, and he says, in the thickest Louisiana drawl, ‘Welcome to New Orleans.’”


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