With so many PSP movie download sites on the internet, choosing a good reliable website can be very confusing for most people. However, there are some basic things you need to look at and questions you need to ask if you want to be able to enjoy downloading PSP movies online.

1. The number of users.

Before you join or start using a PSP movie downloads site browse it to find out how many users they say they have. Since most sites use file sharing software to distribute downloadable PSP movies, it’s important that they have a large user base. A larger number of registered users will also help when it comes to finding specific movie titles. It increases your chances of finding the PSP movies that you’re looking for.

2. Customer / User support.

Some people ignore this but it’s very important, particularly after you’ve paid for your membership at a PSP download site. You’ll want to know that if you ever have a problem in the future you can get help. There are so many problems that may occur. The software for downloading PSP movies may not work or function properly. You may want some quick instructions on how to transfer your movies from your pc to your PlayStation portable (PSP) device. Knowing that you can get help when you need it is very important otherwise you may end up being very frustrated.

3. Number of files (downloadable PSP movies, music, games, software etc)

Most websites will generally exaggerate about how many PSP files you’ll have access to when you join. However, the number helps to give newcomers a guide. There’s no point joining a site where you’ll only get access to a couple thousands files. It means you won’t be able to get some of the movie titles when you want them.

4. Download fees and Download Limits

Some PSP movie download sites charge download fees and also impose download limits. Avoid these types of sites if you can. There are many sites that do not charge these fees so there’s no reason for you to join a site that charges these fees.

5. Software for downloading PSP movies

Many sites provide their own software which they say is faster than the free ones available on the internet. In many cases, this is true. Free software is often infested with viruses, spy ware and ad ware. If the download site provides the software for downloading PSP movies then you may want to find out if it’s their own in-house software or it’s one of the free ones from the web. In-house software is usually better and faster for PSP downloads.

These are just some of the things that you may want to consider when choosing a PSP movie downloads site. There are many other things you can consider but these are the most commonly used features to compare PSP movie download sites.

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