One of the best philosophical network marketing trainers of all time was Jim Rohn. His work continues to go on even today. The best training has and always will be motivational/mindset training. Without it, there is no success.

Jim Rohn, one of the most prolific speakers and motivators of all time in traditional business and network marketing, gave a key concept before he passed away about this idea of sowing and reaping. The best training in any business, especially network marketing, is the type of training that will assist you in moving toward your goals. There is a reason why only 5% of those who start a MLM business succeed, and there is also are very good why the other 95% start and quit.

The Concept

Those who sow good seed will reap a good harvest, and those who sow a bad seed will reap a bad harvest. I am pretty sure Jim Rohn was very familiar with this profound Bible concept. Basically, sowing means giving up something profound.

In other words, for network marketing purposes, sowing is giving value on a constant and persistent basis. This can be a hard task for most, hence the 95% failure rate, because most of us want to make money now and fast. This is an unselfish gesture where other people are put first instead of last.

The outcome is often cut short due to impatience. Sometimes it may feel that you are “spinning your wheels” in your network marketing business, however, if you are sowing good seed, you are touching another persons’ life whether you are aware of it or not. Don’t give up. Fight the good fight of FAITH and keep going.

Your Motives

Jim Rohn’s network marketing training concept of sowing and reaping is very sensitive to your motives. If your motives is just to make money, your actions will be selfish, not willing to give value and help the next person out. But, if your motives are good and pure, and you are willing to give the most value and put all your energy into another person, then sit back and watch what happens. This is the true success of reaping.

The Application

So what kind of training seeds can you plant as a network marketer? Jim Rohn would suggest that your tangible seeds are what your target audience hear and see. For example, the content that you spread all across the internet is what will bring the seeds sown into the harvest of your choice depending on your true motives. The content that you put out on your blogs, videos, podcast, and social marketing sites are the seeds that you need to sow on a regular basis in order to reap your true harvest.

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