Possible ways to Recover Photos from DSLR

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In the era of DSLR cameras, people never get tired when they are out for capturing photos. Regardless of their best moments were taken by a DSLR or not. In a world where we are constantly shifting our lifestyle to the modern, many people have stopped using DSLR cameras and chosen compact digital devices. These devices are best to use but data loss from these devices can happen.

What are the possible ways, to recover photos from DSLRs?

Hanging between antiquity and modernism, we have found some exciting routes that lead us out of such problems. When it comes to recoverdeleted photos from laptop or camera, there are more than one ways you can make this happen! Let’s take a look at each technique below:

The first option would involve using photo recovery software as your assistant in helping find those lost files (and even restore them if possible). It is important for any user who has formatted their memory card since they will need help getting back images they have already taken – without having access to originals through another source.

  • If you are not sure,whether your pictures are safe, use a different storage media as the backup system.
  • In case there are no pictures, it is possible that they have been uploaded to your Google Photos account on a daily basis.

What if all these things go against you?

If you’re having trouble recovering photos from your Minolta Camera, then it’s time for an efficient photo recovery. A software that is compatible with all of the features on both camera and SD Card, can recover any kind file formats so one will be enough!

One such software is Stellar Photo Recovery Software, which has all of the above-mentioned features. Along with that, this program offers a user-friendly interface and extremely simple steps involved for photo recovery from Minolta Camera;anyone can use it easily even if they do not know how to navigate through computer files!

One great feature about these electronic devices is their ability produce high quality photos at an instant; but what happens when your SD card is corrupted? Maybe you did not save those wedding pictures or intimate moments between yourself and significant other because there was insufficient space left on the disk due to overuse (or maybe someone else used them). 

Let’s have a look at the features that come with this software:

  • The user can preview the pictures before actually restoring and saving them on their computer system.
  • The software is very well known for recovering RAW file formats, which are camera-specific along with all the other important types of files that can be found on your computer. With this program, you will not need to worry about losing any precious memories because it has been designed specially by professionals who know what they’re doing!
  • The software is capable of getting your files back from a corrupted or damaged SD card.
  • The software can recover pictures from all sorts of storage media, including hard disk drives and more.

How to recover pictures using Stellar Photo Recovery Software?

To recover photos using the said software, you will be required to follow the steps that we mention below:

Step 1: Download and Install software

The first step is to connect the camera’s SD card to your computer system. Download and install Stellar Photo Recovery Software on that machine, too!

Step 2: Select the location

The location of your data can be anywhere, so long as it is accessible through the internet. From this main screen, select “Recover Files” for a complete list and instructions on how to recover them!

Step 3: Scan and Preview

The program will scan your hard drive and list all the recoverable files. Once it’s done, you can preview them before confirming they are everything that was found!

Step 4: Recover and Save

Once confirmed click on Recover, a pop up will appear asking to save the location. Selecting this option will allow the software restore your files in their original form and with no loss of data whatsoever!

To get the activation key of stellar photo recovery software, simply upgrade your free demo version to paid by clicking “Get it Now” or buy from their official site.

In order to purchase the software you will need activation key. This can be gained by either upgrading your free trial version with a paid one through “get it now” or from within the application itself if available, or purchasing Stellar Photo Recovery software.

Tips to avoid such situations

Once you have recovered these pictures, it would be an ideal thing to follow the tips that we lay down below for you:

  • Take backup of such important data in another storage media.
  • Upload these pictures on an online portal such as Google Photos.
  • Make sure to keep your storage media safe from any kind of breakage.
  • Ensure that your storage media is virus and malware free.


The loss of your precious photographs or other media items is quite depressing. However, this is also a common problem that comes up for everyone at least once in their lives. However, losing data does not necessarily mean that it cannot be recovered. There are ways to help you retrieve deleted or lost images, videos, and more. It is recommended that you should always keep a backup of your important files and folders to prevent losing any data. 

I hope the article worked for you to recover deleted, lost photos with ease.

Mary E. Alvarez