If you are going to be a successful pick up artist, you are going to need to convey alpha male characteristics. It is totally possible to take yourself from normal guy (commonly referred to as “average frustrated chump”) to alpha male chick god with some simple changes in the way you behave.

Being an alpha male or portraying alpha male qualities is not about being a thug or an aggressive oaf though. It is more subtle than that. So if you would like more success with women (and lets be honest guys, who wouldn’t?) here are some great pointers to help you on your way.

1) Be a Leader: Women love men who are confidently in charge of their surroundings and themselves. A successful pick up artists conveys strong leadership to women. This can be done in a number of ways, not least of all, by making decisions. If you are able to quickly decide things, whether that be changing venue, refusing her a drink or telling her what you are going to do and inviting her along, shows your leadership characteristics.

Women want to be with men who are confident decision makers. It gives them a strong sense of security to know you can look after your (and their) interests.

2) Be Humorous: Women love to be with fun guys and be entertained by their playful and witty nature. Being an alpha male requires many character traits to shine forth but humour is one of the most valuable ones you can build. Ask women and they will all tell you they love being around fun loving guys. After all, fun loving guys look better than miserable ones!

You may not realise it but it is possible to learn to be funny. Invest. It will be worth it.

3: Be Creative: Being a creative and proactive character will impress your quality upon any woman you meet. This needn’t be your natural ability but it can be learned. Even something as simple as a card trick or juggling can help you on your way to conveying creativity.

Men like factual, mechanical, scientific stuff. Women are emotional animals and dig spirituality, horoscopes etc. Learning about these things will give you some common ground to discuss.

4) Show Intelligence: Women love to be with a man who knows a thing or two. It gives them a warm security blanket that makes them feel confident and relaxed. Take time to read about global events. Learn stuff that interests you and learn how to convey that knowledge in a playful and fun way. Whatever you do though, don’t go all technical and boring.

Chicks are emotional creatures so ease off the facts and figures if you want to get a hold of her figure!

If you are knowledgeable it shows that you have interests and passions. These are good alpha male qualities which will add value to your stock in her eyes.

5) Demonstrate Thoughtfulness: Women get blown away by guys who can be thoughtful. Men who are thoughtful go off the Richter scale when it comes to generating personal value and attractiveness. A brilliant way of achieving this is by letting them know that you think about them – but not in an obedient or needy way.

For example, you can let them know that you thought of them when considering something else. E.g. “I wondered who out of the girls I know, I could ask to a Japanese restaurant and immediately put you in the seat opposite me blah, blah.”

It is an indirect compliment that lets her know she can have your attention but doesn’t tell her she can help herself. If you then move on without dwelling that you think of her, she will be captivated. As your alpha male qualities shine through, you will see a lot more interest being shown in you.

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