Of all the different pick up artist techniques that work to get a girl to go home with you, the Turned Down A Five-some routine is definitely one of the best. This one is great. It’s a great example of pre-selection without bragging.

This is a routine that you use later on during the conversation. Don’t use it right at the beginning. You need some social comfort and attraction going already, then you can throw this one in.

I’ll start by talking about how my fiancĂ© was bi. I might start it off with a sentence like, ‘The only thing more overrated than X is threesomes,’ and then start in on the routine.

‘Yeah, my ex was bi and most people think that’s really cool; you know, it’s basically every guy’s fantasy, but in reality it’s not that cool at all, because then you’re wondering all the time if she’s cheating on you with her female friends. She’s bringing six random girls home at 4 in the morning and you’re kind of wondering what’s going on.

‘Like this one time, she literally brought home six girls at 4 in the morning. I went out to sleep on the couch and all my friends make fun of me for this. They came in and all wanted to party but I’m totally out asleep and not in the mood. So, I grab the blankets and pillows and head out the couch. My friends are always saying they would’ve banged them all, but come on. That’s what guys always say but when you’re faced with the reality of it, you just want to go back to sleep. And I don’t regret it one bit either.’

Why The Turned Down A Five-Some Routine Works

First of all, this routine is about sex. It’s not horny or bragging. I’m not saying that I banged all these girls and I’m some kind of stud. It’s also funny for her to imagine you with your hair all tousled and eyes puffy dragging these blankets out the couch while these girls are making fun of you. Finally, it shows her that you’re not judgmental (your ex was bi) and sex isn’t such a huge deal.

Routines like these are great pick up artist techniques. They help you move the encounter along and also give you lots of opportunities to qualify, build attraction and establish comfort. Take this one and vary it up a bit to see what works best for you.

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