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ByMary E. Alvarez

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Artist Nick Gloom is exhibiting his work at Green Door Books in Hobart this month.

The exhibition is on display at the bookstore at 325 Main St. in downtown Hobart through Aug. 4. 

“This is kind of a weird one, as far as the exhibitions I’ve done go. Typically my work is created through trying to say something very specific about myself; and any collection of pieces, like this one, follows a theme only because I’m in a certain place in my life as I’m creating them,” he said.

Gloom, who is also a musician, is known for his dark and whimsical aesthetic.

“At this point, I feel like the kind of folks who are going to come out to see an entire exhibit are already very keen on what I’m doing, so there was less pressure to be so emotive,” he said. “Everything I do sort of lives in a certain world so this time around it was more about exploring that objectively. What does it look like to actually visit this place that we’ve all been getting these small, specific glimpses of? I suppose the theme would be travel. Trying to frame this incredibly personal but familiar place in a touristy, kind of voyeuristic way. Like a ‘fans’ exhibit. I hope that doesn’t seem pretentious.”

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Gloom’s gothic fantasy artwork often features solitary woebegone figures. It explores emotions like depression and heartbreak.

“I usually start with feeling like I have something to say that other people can connect with. I’ll sketch out an idea based on that but once it gets to canvas it’s kind of a free for all,” he said. “I try to keep the ‘message’ intact while letting whatever is going to happen happen. I’ve realized the looser I am and more stream-of-conscious I let myself be; the more people connect with it. So I’ve learned to roll with that.”

Gloom creates drawings, prints, buttons, magnets, T-shirts and other images. His work depicts figures like ghosts, witches, bats and literary characters from “Les Miserable” and “Gulliver’s Travels.”

“However, I get really inspired by a lot of contemporary artists who can take something wild or imaginative and make it look very photorealistic,” he said. “Like it lives here, even though our brains know better, and we believe it. I tend to stay in my own lane regarding the simplest way to get a feeling across. But it’s always in the back of my mind that the better job you do at creating something that feels physically real, as well as emotionally real, the more you can make those connections with the viewer.”

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