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ByMary E. Alvarez

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This post is by Clint Watson, former artwork gallery proprietor and founder of BoldBrush, known for FASO Artist Web-sites, the main provider of qualified artist internet sites, the $38,000+ BoldBrush Painting Competition and the absolutely free every day art internet marketing e-newsletter, FineArtViews. As a self-proclaimed “art fanatic”, Clint delights that BoldBrush’s downtown San Antonio, Texas business office is whole of unique art, as is his residence business which he shares with his two feline assistants Kiara and Lilly. You can hook up with Clint on TwitterFacebook or his own web site at




“Your most significant chance with collectors is not that they are going to prevent liking your get the job done, it is really that they will halt contemplating about you.” – Jason Horejs, Xanadu Gallery.


Artwork bloggers usually recommend artists on the “right” frequency for sending an electronic mail publication.  This tips typically warns artists not to send much too numerous emails, you never want to “overwhelm” your subscribers, right after all.  Which is good suggestions. 

Here is the rub, nevertheless:  the advised frequency is all about the map.  I have browse tips ranging from as soon as a month, to at the time a week, to no extra than 2 instances a 7 days.  Exactly where are folks receiving these figures?  They seem to be based mostly primarily on intestine feelings and particular preferences.  If there was any information cited, I unquestionably skipped it.  So, let’s be a bit much more strategic than that.

In our BoldBrush Art Advertising and marketing Playbook, we frequently advocate as soon as a thirty day period. However, I want to be distinct about this: we contemplate that to be the decreased sure.

In other terms, by no means ship your newsletter much less routinely than after a month. You can ship it a lot more commonly if you would like, and, indeed, your effects will be accelerated if you send out a lot more regularly.

We settled on after a thirty day period in our playbook not since we are fearful of too much to handle your subscribers, but due to the fact we did not want to overwhelm you, the artist.

If you are overwhelmed with our tips, then you may not do something. And sending the moment a month is infinitely better than not sending at all.

Once a thirty day period is a fantastic middle ground that doesn’t overwhelm you with advertising perform, and is normally ample to keep you in entrance of your subscribers on a common foundation.  It can be typically sufficient to avert your followers from achieving the issue that they “quit thinking about you” as Jason Horejs warns in the opening estimate.

Plus, at least at the time a month is essential to maintain your checklist from going cold.  If you allow your record go cold you will have to get the job done doubly really hard to get your internet marketing again on observe.

A single a thirty day period is a fantastic beginning stage.  But, in reality, you can ship a e-newsletter as usually as you like – as lengthy as you don’t have extra than 2-4 people unsubscribe for each individual 1,000 e-mail you deliver. 

If you drop more than 2-4 men and women out of each individual 1,000 e-mails, then you might be either sending far too typically, or you have strayed too far off subject (this kind of as speaking about politics in a newsletter where folks had been expecting artwork).  I lined this in far more depth in the article about handling your unsubscribers.

What I am recommending is this:  for each individual 1,000 e-mails you deliver, you decide a variety you can take to eliminate – it can be as low as 2 or as significant as 4 – but it can not be zero (zero is unrealistic at the time your list grows earlier a specified measurement). 

By the way, FineArtViews shoots for  an unsubscribe amount of significantly less than .2%, or fewer than 2 out of 1,000 (our present unsubscribe level is .04% (4 out of 10,000)).

So, what is actually the perfect sending frequency to make certain that you do not drop much more than .2%?  

My response is as typically as feasible.  That is why we send FineArtViews daily.  

Mail as often as you have information and facts to share, just make certain it’s personal, timely and appropriate.  If your unsubscribe amount is much too higher, dial again the frequency a little bit until eventually it can be “just suitable”

In point, you can and must set up-front anticipations for your subscribers by telling them what to hope on your e-newsletter signup website page.  

Sending your publication as usually as every day is high-quality as long as the person appreciates what they are signing up for.

Weekly is a very good frequency for most artists who want to go onto the “rapid track” with their e mail marketing and advertising. And,  for most artists, I believe sending your publication weekly hits the sweet spot.

Even though you’re selecting whether or not you must mail more usually or a lot less generally let me share with you what a few other newsletters do:

FineArtViews sends Every day.

Facebook sends upon every single update.

Brian Kliewer’s successful “100 paintings in 100 times” that we’ve cited in the earlier sent day-to-day.

Day by day Paint Is effective sends day by day.

Robert Genn of the Painter’s Keys (in advance of he passed) sent two times-weekly.

David Cheifetz’s effective newsletter was sent weekly.

If you want a rule of thumb. I would say no much less repeated than month to month with the moment a 7 days remaining preferable. Far more than after a 7 days is probably too a lot until you are a gifted writer with the time and the drive to supply that a lot appealing information and your subscribers know you will mail that generally.


Right up until upcoming time, please keep in mind that Fortune Favors the Bold Brush.





Clint Watson

BoldBrush/FASO Founder & Artwork Fanatic

PS – How frequently do you mail your newsletter?  What have your success been?  You should permit us know in the comments or by hitting reply if you are receiving this article by e mail.

PPS – If you have questions or would like a reply from me, I frequently restrict my online discussion time to Twitter.  Comply with me on Twitter and request inquiries there if you’d like to be sure I see your issue.  Here is the backlink:



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