This article will explain the problems and solutions to deciding to download music online, free or not, legal or not. It will answer your questions about whether you want to spend $1000s. Or read the solution to your problem below…

The Big Problem

The biggest problem online today, especially with the younger audience that the Internet attracts is the use of illegal sites to download music, movies, games, and other things. So many people participate in this activity because they did not want to spend a fortune on their music collection. Some people want to download thousands of songs, and others only want to download a few. Whichever the case is, it is much better to find the site or program that offers lifetime subscriptions to access unlimited downloads.

Reasons To Not Go With The Free Music

  • It’s Illegal

— Many people think that if you download programs such as ares or limewire or kazaa to get your music, “there are to many people online to get busted.” Or “It has to be legal, so many people are doing it.” Well that is wrong, those are untrue assumptions, the real truth is that it is illegal. You really are cheating artists out of their work, and out of their pay. It is illegal, and no, I can not guarantee that you will get busted and you will have to go to jail, but there are many many true stories of kids and adults that have participated in these, and yes, they have faced the consequences.

  • Safety

— Parents and kids and really anyone who owns a computer, mostly knows of the hassle of getting some virus or spyware of some sort on your computer. Well the P2P (Pier to Pier) network is just the gate for those, really, when you download something off of illegal programs, you have no idea what your actually downloading. Yes, you could be getting what you hoped for, but what are the chances that you are downloading the very virus that you have tried to stay away from for so long, you just don’t know, and it’s just not safe.

  • The Actual Downloading

If you are to use free, illegal programs to download music, then you would face several problems…

  1. You don’t really know if what your downloading is what you really wanted at all
  2. There could be hidden Trojans and spyware ready to destroy your computer
  3. The download speed will cause you to wait when you don’t have to
  4. I can’t stress this enough, it’s illegal

You can be fined, persecuted, jailed, and sued for this

The Solution To The Problem

What you need to do is find a site that you can pay either a one time rate for or a monthly rate for that will allow you to download unlimited music, movies, games, anything really. Most of them say that they are safe and have no virus. But sometimes that’s not always true. There are only a few that are really worth paying for. And if you do, you will save a lot of money in the long run.

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