Multiple Price Points for Your Art


Unique artwork is, most of the time, essentially, expensive.


And which is Ok. You have to demand what you have to have to demand to be lucrative. But in this age of on the net internet marketing, it will considerably increase your internet marketing and sales endeavours if you present functions at a number of price tag factors. You should really try to have a little something to promote in a few most important types: economical, mid-assortment, and high priced.


This may well glance like the following:


$100 – $500: compact discipline scientific studies, sketches and demos


$500- $2,000: smaller to medium studio items


$2,000 – $5,000 medium to massive masterpieces



Or probably you can not pay for to go that lower with your tiny originals. You could do a thing additional like the adhering to:


$100 – $500: Print on Need choices*


$500 – $2,000 Constrained edition prints and little sketches


$2,000 Originals


As you grow to be greater known, and your art gets extra sought after, you can adjust the selling price factors and even incorporate larger price points.


Getting various value details is important for you to optimize your sales, realize sovereignty as an artist and, importantly, to have an entry stage for folks to get commenced with your perform. You can modify the thought to your very own distinctive circumstance but think things as a result of so that you can provide some thing at every price tag level.


The most crucial selling price stage is the affordable one particular ($100-$500 vary in our instance).


This is the price position with the the very least resistance. It serves as an entry level for new collectors and it serves as impulse purchases for previous collectors. You can promote $100-$500 pieces off social media rather simply. You are going to usually have folks DM you and acquire ideal from your social media put up. Mail them a payment connection and your sale is done. (Be aware – social media platforms from time to time will not like it when you involve rate facts in your captions and, if you do so, some platforms will minimize the get to of that publish. A better way to include value info with your write-up is to put up a video clip of the artwork get the job done where you narrate a voice-in excess of track that points out a little bit about the piece and you can, in your audio, give the rate and payment directions.)


If you establish “1,000 genuine fans” (and you are going to have much more than 1,000 followers on social media if you follow the suggestions in The Sovereign Artist), you could effortlessly market ten parts a month in this most affordable selling price assortment. That alone would be $1,000 – $5,000 a month.


This a number of price place tactic is just one cause, in the Sovereign Artist Era, you are superior positioned than an artwork gallery to make a collector foundation and offer extra of your artwork do the job. Galleries usually are not frequently intrigued in the artwork is effective that slide in the inexpensive price tag position. They aren’t going to shell out time promoting your open version prints or little sketches. They are unable to afford to pay for to.


But collectors enjoy people reasonably priced pieces. Speedy case in point: I commissioned a portrait of my spouse a several decades in the past, and, as aspect of the method, the artist did four tiny sketches of her in different poses to assistance us visualize the diverse instructions he could go with the closing portrait. And whilst I love the completed painting, in quite a few means, I delight in the small sketches even extra. They hold following to my desk and I get pleasure from them just about every day.


This method of “luring” lovers in with compact, inexpensive items and then, in excess of time, aiding them “graduate” to your much more highly-priced operates, is the best tactic to build your collector list. And, ironically, it is really not the method artwork galleries use! And that is why, if you adhere to this course of action, you can sell additional art than any gallery is possible to at any time provide for you.



Until finally up coming time, make sure you remember that Fortune Favors the Daring Brush.



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