Master calligraphy artist leaves his mark on San Francisco’s Chinatown


SAN FRANCISCO — The art produced by a Chinatown local community chief who’s shared his talent for Chinese calligraphy for many years can be found all in excess of his San Francisco community.

From his workshop in San Francisco’s Chinatown, Terry Luk creates lovely brush and ink calligraphy. Neighborhood leaders say he’s the go-to artist for public shows.

“I like to write superior calligraphy and make people today satisfied,” he said.

Luk has published the Chinese people that grace the new Chinatown Rose Pak subway station.

The couplet that Luk wrote for the subway station was composed by San Francisco poet Carin Mui. It reads “In the past, we traveled throughout the Pacific Ocean to mine for gold. Now we split by way of earth to variety a silver dragon.”  

For the very last 30-furthermore decades, Luk has specified absent samples of his calligraphy for absolutely free at a number of yearly neighborhood activities like the Moon Festival and Chinese New Yr.

“Folks like my get the job done, so I take pleasure in assisting other people today,” Luk reported.

Luk developed a enthusiasm for regular Chinese calligraphy at age six. He took classes in Guangzhou, China.

He arrived to the US in 1974 as a younger man and took about his father’s Chinatown business, the Pacific Printing Company.

The modest company proprietor is also a chief in Chinatown, as President of the Num Hoy Fook Yum Benevolent Society.

He has been teaching calligraphy to young people for totally free. American-born students like Sunshine Chong say the classes have connected her to her heritage.

“Even though I try to immerse myself in the Chinese lifestyle, I never know a ton of points. So I truly feel like calligraphy is a person way for me to form of immerse myself in the Chinese culture,” Chong claimed.

With specific brush strokes, Luk gave KPIX 5 cameras a demonstration.

He writes about the Calendar year of Tiger, but most of his functions recall Chinese poems or sayings to reside by. A couple uncomplicated figures have deep meaning.  

One particular scroll advises people not to squander time, but believe cautiously and prepare forward.

He is introduced his calligraphy to President Obama in 2015 and to Dwelling Speaker Nancy Pelosi when she frequented his print store before the pandemic.

Luk’s information to her, “Unite with each other to conquer issues for a brighter potential.”

His favourite writings inspire students: “Stimulate younger people today to review tough, to try out their very best in their daily life, and do not give up,” he recited.

He keeps alive an historical Chinese art type with words that encourage the future technology.

The couplet that Luk wrote for the Chinatown Rose Pak subway station was composed by San Francisco poet Carin Mui. It reads “In the earlier, we traveled throughout the Pacific Ocean to mine for gold. Now we crack by earth to type a silver dragon.”    


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