Lorraine O’Grady Still Won’t Play It Safe

ByMary E. Alvarez

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Lorraine O’Grady initially introduced her exhibit of photomontages, System Is the Floor of My Expertise, at INTAR Gallery, New York, in 1991. Impressed by brazen countercultural art actions this kind of as Dada and Fluxus, she had crashed get-togethers at the New Museum and in other places, engaged strangers in road performances, and staged happenings in Central Park. In her seminal essay of Black feminist considered, “Olympia’s Maid: Reclaiming Black Woman Subjectivity,” O’Grady referred to her transition from reside performance to the “safety of the wall.” And but, to see the primary show’s reprise, currently on perspective at Alexander Gray Associates and such as seven photomontages, is to identify it as nearly anything but protected. 

O’Grady’s essay positioned her in the at any time-broadening context of Black feminism and anti-colonialist critique, but also as an artist fiercely opposed to the confines of social politics and identification. Why must we be possibly/or, she was inquiring. A operate of piercing assessment, “Olympia’s Maid” endures as O’Grady’s inventive proclamation — significantly in her insistence that, to maintain its secret, artwork must guard jealously versus all concept, even when it arrives from resources as crucial as the writings of her Black feminist compatriots such as bell hooks.

Installation check out of Lorraine O’Grady: Overall body Is the Ground of My Encounter at Alexander Grey Associates, New York, 2022. Pictured: Lorraine O’Grady, “Gaze” (1991/2019), archival pigment print on Hahnemühle Baryta pure cotton picture rag paper in 4 parts, 24 x 20 inches each and every (courtesy Alexander Gray Associates, New York © 2022 Lorraine O’Grady / Artists Rights Modern society (ARS), New York)

A lot like her creating, O’Grady’s photomontages force binaries until finally one thing other, a thing equally/and emerges. (Both equally/And was the title of her job retrospective at the Brooklyn Museum.) Look at her two tetraptychs, “Gaze” and “Dream” (the two 1991), which collage double portraits of Black sitters, viewed from the shoulders up. Beneath just about every sitter’s facial area is a scaled-down impression: a double with a a little bit altered expression. The faces in the much larger images are far more tense, as if the gaze’s intentionality has hardened them. From this doubling, of viewing oneself seen, emerges a perception of not only getting, but getting. This is an critical duality given that, as O’Grady wrote in her essay, in artwork, critique isn’t every little thing existence — visualizing oneself — is paramount.

O’Grady’s enigmatic diptych “Dracula and the Artist” (1991/2019) greatest encapsulates her belief that an artist will have to maintain her secrets to continue being invigorating. Dracula obviously serves the artist’s intention to challenge the Victorian creativity, which dictates that the woman entire body be penned out biologically nonetheless codified as constantly sexually offered. Citing O’Grady essay, just one could incorporate that whereas the White feminine system is codified as sexuality, the Black female human body, constantly implied, is dehumanized, desexed (as in Monet’s 1865 painting, Olympia, for which O’Grady’s essay is titled), or not observed at all. In her montage, by distinction, the Black woman physique is the topic and, in picturing herself seated at her desk in the image, also authors the environment. But O’Grady pushes further than this artwork-historic critique. She appropriates Dracula’s secretive potency as the surplus other — a paradigmatic equally/and. These kinds of association is advised by the determine retaining her back to us, and by the lushly dark montage on the ideal, in which art and crepuscular alchemy entwine. On the left, subtitled, “Dracula Dreaming,” the Black woman body’s magnetic pull retains teethy combs in mid-air, in a magical conjuring — these identical combs lay tamed in the picture on the right, subtitled, “Dracula Vanquished by Artwork.” In this gorgeously oblique, absorbing do the job, O’Grady leaves the best riddle — is the artist vanquished, vanquishing, or each? — tantalizingly unsolved.

Installation check out of Lorraine O’Grady: Human body Is the Ground of My Knowledge at Alexander Gray Associates, New York, 2022. Pictured: Lorraine O’Grady, “The Clearing: or Cortés and La Malinche, Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings, N. and Me” (1991/2019), archival pigment print on Hahnemühle Baryta pure cotton image rag paper in 2 areas, 40 x 50 inches every (courtesy Alexander Gray Associates, New York © 2022 Lorraine O’Grady / Artists Rights Modern society (ARS), New York)
Lorraine O’Grady, “The Fir-Palm” (1991/2019), archival pigment print on Hahnemühle Baryta pure cotton photo rag paper, 50 x 40 inches, edition of 10 in addition 3 artist’s proofs (image Ela Bittencourt/Hyperallergic)

Lorraine O’Grady: Human body Is the Floor of My Encounter continues at Alexander Gray Associates (510 West 26th Street, Chelsea, Manhattan) as a result of June 11. The exhibition was arranged by the gallery.


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