The leopard is a dangerously rapid and outstanding animal. It runs like a potent wind, and catches its prey in advance of they know what killed them. The leopard illustrates great tolerance and calculated explosion. It dashes like a blur of nail and tooth. It uses stealth to near the distance concerning it and its prey. After caught in a leopard’s attack, there is no escape. The mighty cat will tear its prey to pieces. This is why Bai Yufeng and Li Sou analyzed the leopard, and adapted its killing tactics to build Leopard kung fu. Compared with the external artwork of Tiger kung fu, Leopard kung fu seeks to outwit an attacker with rapid, and aggressive angular attacks.

As a university student, you can master to use low kicks, elbows, and the patented leopard punch. You can expect to master to use a operate, strike, and problems battling design, which makes it possible for you to adapt to a more robust opponent. Counter assaults are oblique, sudden, and brief, with the target of landing a decisive blow. In contrast to other really hard martial arts, Leopard kung fu focuses on at the same time blocking and striking your opponent.

The Most important Objectives of Leopard kung fu are:

· Acquire toughness and velocity

· Acquire persistence

· Finding out to hone the leopard punch for decrease human body spring action, and deep assault penetration

The Leopard Battling Style

Leopard kung fu fighting strategies are geared for the blend of solitary, two, and a few attack maneuvers that disorient, damage, and at periods, blind an opponent. As opposed to most other martial arts, the tiger model won’t rely on blocking, or deeply rooted stances. A stance is only employed to start a effective assault towards an opponent. As an alternative of blocking, tiger model takes advantage of a gorilla beat idea that will involve rapidly hits, and “jogging” from your opponent.

The Leopard Fist, Phoenix Eye, and leopard Claw

The leopard fist works by using a 50 %-opened fist, with a ridge produced by folding your fingers at the initially phalangeal joint and a secondary attack that arrives from your opened palm. The Phoenix Eye assault strikes your opponent’s strain points, these as the eyes and temple. To kind the Phoenix Eye, elevate one particular of your index knuckles, and preserve the rest in the form of a fist. The leopard claw is a modified model of the leopard fist. You do this by lifting your fingers a little bit, and forming a claw. The claw attack makes it possible for you to claw, rip, and rake your opponent’s throat and confront.

The Bottom Line

If you’re on the lookout for an great, one of a kind, and lethal martial art, Leopard kung fu will prove a fantastic selection. You are going to study endurance like the perilous leopard cat, and the ability to attack swiftly, intelligently, and effectively. Applying 1 of the 3 leopard assaults, you are going to disable a bigger opponent ahead of they can cause you damage and you’ll learn rapidly footing that will permit you to steer clear of counter assaults by weaving in and out of your opponents attain. It’s time to strike the mat, and find out to defend you with the spirit and could of the ancient leopard.

Standing United We Pack a Punch — Modern day Samurai Modern society

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