Lenz Geerk “Arrival” at ROBERTS PROJECTS, Los Angeles


Lenz Geerk’s third solo show with the gallery is a deeply psychological exploration of the complexity of need. Simmering pressure permeates every operate. Illicit associations unfold on borrowed time in opposition to the solar- drenched gentle of summer. Geerk explores the shifts from attachment to separation, involving closeness and distance, and fuses notion with contact, by suggesting an edge that is loath to expose itself wholly. We question about, then question, what just about every romance signifies. The exhibition is like suffering from a dreamy, attractive, unsettling coming-of-age tale, not as opposed to Luca Guadignino’s Simply call Me By Your Name (2017), Barry Jenkins’ Moonlight (2016) or Abdellatif Kechiche’s Blue is the Warmest Shade (2013), established in opposition to the lush backdrop of Godard’s noirish Pierrot le Fou (1965).
The use of the seaside conveys a continual knowledge of space, as a result of the implementation of a almost- abstracted compositional arrangement, and explores interactions between artist, subject matter, and viewer. This important motif is essential to comprehension Geerk&#8217s new do the job. As opposed to the paintings in The Desk Portraits (2018) and Mixed Blessings (2019), his very first two solo shows with the gallery, which emphasised sensuous curves and rippling types, the is effective on perspective are noteworthy for their powerful architectural compositions. With each other, Seaside Partners 1-6 form an clear grouping: similar in scale, with a interesting blue-gray palette, they all screen a pictoral subject neatly divided into parallel traces of seashore, sea, and sky. Visible depth is realized by the diagonal positions of his topics, whose branching, overlapping forms incorporate emotion and complexity to the rigid structure of just about every painting. This exploration of line and variety is further continued in oversized paintings of postcards. As to his topics, Geerk will take license with his fictional figures, setting them inside imagined scenes of his very own producing. There is practically nothing self-consciously aspirational about them. They are not from any where specific. They just are. It invitations us, as viewers, to speculate wildly. On occasion he alludes to art historic references even though he does not characterize the exact reference itself, just his vision of it. Falcon (2022) embodies the spirit of Eugène Delacroix&#8217s La Liberté guidant le peuple (1830) when retaining the interesting detachment of Lynette Yiadom-Boakye&#8217s The At any time Exacting (2018). Hotel II (2022) hints at Édouard Manet’s La Lecture (1865), with no the cloying sweetness, though Moon Couple (2022) echoes the waves of Utagawa Hiroshige’s 6 Jewel Rivers from Several Provinces (1857). Geerk’s get the job done stylistically mirrors the sensibility of Baroque Outdated Masters—Artemesia Gentileschi&#8217s expressive portraits arrive to mind—but manages to showcase a method that is recognizably his individual. Twin themes of intimacy and estrangement are reoccurring themes in Geerk’s body of operate. His paintings are comprehensive of lengthy pauses, and silent times, which conceal the emotional turmoil illustrated within. The liberal use of nudity is not inherently attractive, rather, it&#8217s a sexiness by proxy, a psychological activity of cover and seek where by all individuals completely take pleasure in the working experience. Every character, each individual participant, each and every painting offers us unique views of their, and our, working experience.

at ROBERTS Jobs, Los Angeles
until eventually July 30, 2022


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