Landscape prints make great choices for your home, with many art buyers happy to order reproductions of the most famous landscape oil paintings. This article underlines the reasons for the popularity of landscape art and discusses the merits of the some of the best landscape paintings and artists.

This technique has attracted many different methods over the years with common styles of landscape art including Box easel, En plein air, Watercolour sketches from nature, Engravings, Literati style, Woodcuts, Fescos, Panel paintings, Altar pieces, Oil on canvas, Acrylic and Mixed Media. Chinese and Japanese produced landscape prints many years before they became present in mainstream western art and these works were produced with very different methods and results from Asian artists who had a traditional method using different brushes and materials on which their creativity was placed. This style later inspired the likes of Vincent Van Gogh.

Landscape art is known to have been popular with artists in France, USA, UK and Japan amongst many others, spawning famous landscape artists such as Claude Monet, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Pieter Bruegel the Younger, John Constable, JMW Turner, Thomas Gainsborough, Annibale Carracci, Claude Lorrain, Peter Paul Rubens and Vincent Van Gogh.

Paintings such as Poppies Blooming, Water-Lilies, Venice Twilight, Bouquet Of Sunflowers, The Japanese Bridge, Impression Sunrise and Monet’s Garden at Argentueil have helped to establish Frenchman Claude Monet as possibly the most popular landscape artist of the present day and is the best painter to start any study of landscape art on. Monet concentrated on lighting during different seasons and times of the day in his series on Haystacks and the architecture of London.

The best painters involved were part of integral art movements which passionately followed the teachings and existing inspirations surrounding landscape painting. The best known art movements related to landscape art included the USA Hudson River School, Impressionism, Romanticism and also some famous Cubist and other abstract works tackled this subject.

Adding on to the oil painters were the later landscape photographers who produced colour and black and white photos which also make popular print reproductions with other art consumers looking for cheap but professional additions to their homes. Famous landscape photographers include American Ansel Adams and Frenchman Robert Doisneau, amongst many others.

There are equally many different formats which art buyers choose for their reproduction of landscape originals in order to match their own personal taste, the style of the original work and also the layout and design of their home. The most common choices include framed giclee prints, calendars, postcards, unframed art prints, cheap posters high quality tapestries, stretched canvases, lithographs, sketches & drawings and handmade reproductions.

To conclude, it is clear that landscape prints make popular choices for those adding art to their homes in a tasteful way. They offer a style which is somewhere in between the modern abstract paintings that have appeared in the 20th century and the traditional portrait and religious paintings from the renaissance and baroque periods. The artists and paintings included in this article are just a selection of the best available from a huge list that now exists with thousands of lesser known and amateur artists producing their own versions of landscape art. It is possible that this type of art is particularly enjoyed by the many art fans who live in crowded urban areas and don’t have the luxury of an attractive view of the countryside from their own home, so choose this type of art to fill that void. It can also be the case that some appreciate the landscapes of countries foreign to them and rarely get the opportunity to visit them in person.

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