Juxtapoz Magazine – Virtual Meets Real in Felipe Pantone: Metallic Contact @ albertz benda, NYC

ByMary E. Alvarez

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Felipe Pantone is not fearful of adjust. His embrace of modify is essentially rather refreshing, not a single to be hampered by technological evolution and figuring out techniques to consider a career commenced in graffiti to new possibilites and heights. What appeared to be going in a direction of Op-Art or recreating our digital environment in fine artwork painting has now blossomed into far more interactive and kinetic artwork, building visually amazing performs with a penchant for intellect-expanding optics. 

His new solo demonstrate, Metallic Call on see at albertz benda in NYC sees the Spanish painter blur the strains of Op-art and kinetic operates, additional summary and architectural than in the past. The operates can be pushed and pulled, but they can be static as nicely, generating a sense of motion and method that is apparent in just about every get the job done. As the gallery notes, “Pantone’s newest physique of do the job evokes the gleaming, streamlined aesthetics of the tech hardware and avant-garde architecture that shape our each day lives, though keeping an emphasis on colour, patterning, and surface that transcends a individual time or area.”

Exactly where Pantone stands in the pantheon of graffiti and avenue artwork culture is singular he is utilizing technologies as a tale and inspiration rather than and endgame. The operate remains fascinating, and forthright, that maybe the future can be depicted in illuminating techniques. —Evan Pricco


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