Juxtapoz Magazine – Venom, Bergeron and Franzese “A Birdcage, Until Further Notice” @ Gallery Poulsen, Copenhagen


For some time, Jud Bergeron and Gallery Poulsen have been studying how we can set alongside one another an exhibition that adds a new dimension to the gallery. Gallery Poulsen is significantly oriented towards the figurative areas of the artwork world but when they invited Jud Bergeron onboard we also invited the abstract minimalism in its 3-dimensional variety which functions as a website link involving figurative art and abstract artwork when also getting a way for them to contain the physical place in our exhibitions. A Birdcage, Right up until Further more Recognize is the latest addition in their collection of invitational exhibits in which one particular of Gallery Poulsen’s regular artists invitations, for us, new artists into the gallery’s place which in transform contributes to the enlargement of our artistic comprehension.

In Bergeron’s sculptures there is a distinct concentrate on the tactile attributes of abstract geometric designs, a focus that is also present in Ben Venom’s and Gianluca Franzese’s respective perform with styles and blend of resources. Bergeron, Venom, and Franzese all reside and operate in San Francisco, California.

Jud Bergeron’s new sequence of sculptures stems from a series of wall reliefs that have been inspired by one of his silkscreen prints designed in 2020. Bergeron commenced to imagine the wall reliefs as blocks and started considering about the origins of sculpture by means of the lens of childhood, taking part in with picket blocks. He began extruding the two dimensions into three proportions and applying those people blocks to make new sculptural types. The functions in the exhibition characterize a inventive course of action where Bergeron’s previously performs influenced him to further more build inventive ideas in new means making use of new elements till the original thought gets a footnote to a much much larger human body of totally realized will work. These processes are telling of Bergeron’s normal creative practice, as most of the operate in the clearly show signifies the middle stage of still another iteration of this sequence, these will work will serve as completed maquettes for potential performs that will be scaled a lot much larger.

In his exact work with repurposed supplies stitched alongside one another in huge textile-based parts, Ben Venom contrasts the usually menacing and aggressive counterculture elements of skateboarding, punk/metallic audio, and the occult with the comforts of domesticity. This collision of standard quilting procedures with factors tied to the fringes of modern society re-envisions the tale of the materials by a softer lens. The reclaimed fabrics utilised in Venom’s operate incorporate a multitude of personalized histories and everyone’s unexplained stain, tear, or rip is included. These salvaged parts are sewn into a larger narrative and come to be a section of a collective record within the operate. The fragility of the resources and their assaulting imagery are brought alongside one another in the sort of a purposeful artwork. Venom’s artistic challenge is exemplified with the perform “Flex Your Head” whose title and imagery are borrowed from a Insignificant Danger song lyric. The quilt brings together the alternate, but positive, beliefs and the highly effective approaches of expression of the punk band with the softness and operation of the donated cloth in a way that conveys a clash in between distinct cultures and traditions. This is a person of Ben Venom’s overarching tasks in his collective oeuvre.

Inspired by his individual childhood, raised by a father who was a jeweler, steel leafing performs a considerable job in the artwork of Gianluca Franzese. The utilized metals in Franzese’s significant performs are mixed in a comprehensive network of interconnected traces, abundant shades, and repeated shapes that convey a exact harmony and harmony through geometric configurations that aren’t pre-planned but are the end result of an intuitive, curious, and playful inventive system. The exhibition marks the to start with time Gianluca Franzese exhibits in Europe in a lot of many years. The is effective in the exhibition can as a result be seen as a reinterpretation of the continent’s wealthy traditions in the use of metal and the exact craftsmanship of the metalsmiths through the medieval ages. The intricate relationship of chainmail for armor, the elaborate jewels that adorned monarchies and the ouroboros, the mythological snake biting its individual tail which was an critical symbol in the alchemy of the Middle Ages, are all renewed in Franzese’s models, which sites the will work in a larger historical context.

With each other the operates of the exhibition produce a meeting place between various tactile houses that are all conveyed by way of abstract geometric compositions. The metallic expression of Bergeron’s tough and a few-dimensional bronze sculptures is also present in Franzese’s geometric paintings in the steel leafing, and the balance and very carefully composed shapes and styles of these paintings are also knowledgeable in Venom’s quilt created from repurposed textile. This results in a dialogue in between the will work of the exhibition that contributes to the enlargement of our inventive understanding.



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