Juxtapoz Magazine – Saturday Morning Fever: Griffin Goodman @ All Star Press, Chicago


For their to start with solo-exhibit of the yr, All Star Press presents Saturday Morning Fever that includes the operates of Griffin Goodman. Saturday Early morning Fever is a selection of do the job that jumps into Goodman’s childhood: the personal ritual of waking up early on Saturday, grabbing a sugary bowl of cereal, and cozying up in front of the tv to view hours of cartoons. This customary time grew to become a correct variety of escapism for Griffin and youngsters around the world. Just like the cartoons he viewed as a child, his paintings, at 1st look, may well look dazzling and sugar coated, but as the viewer digests these visuals they slowly unravel by themselves to be a little darker in humor and truth. Via cost-free-kind juxtapositions of appropriated imagery sourced from well known culture and art historical past, the artist produces bricolages that communicate to both of those the hyper-layered construction of Photoshop files and the densely metaphoric construction of Pop Art.

At a younger age, Griffin’s mom released him to the comedy of the Marx Brothers, The Three Stooges, the characters of Sid and Marty Krofft, and Saturday early morning cartoons. The experience of viewing these courses, contrasted with the city landscape of his house-developed Detroit, formed his burgeoning aesthetic and informs his follow today.

For numerous grown ups across the globe, they will never overlook the pleasure that Saturday Early morning Cartoons brought to them, and how notable it was in childhood: When kids these days have access to practically all cartoons whenever they drive, some will under no circumstances have the practical experience of waking up on Saturday Mornings, turning on the Tv set, grabbing that huge bowl of cereal, and ready for their favored cartoon to begin. This demonstrate is dedicated to all those grown ups who however experience like a child within. To under no circumstances allow your interior little one vanish.


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