Juxtapoz Magazine – 99¢ Dreams: Jane Dickson’s Memories of Past and Present

ByMary E. Alvarez

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Jane Dickson what look to be snapshots from a sluggish shifting car. Some textual content might be slice off, or a detail of a signpost may well be zoomed into, and the hazy memory of the past arrives again to you via a feeling of position and unknowable time. The works are tranquil, which generates a juxtaposition of one thing eerily peaceful and jarring NYC when its silent at night nevertheless has a heavy hum. 99¢ Desires, Dickson’s new solo display at James Fuentes in NYC and her first considering the fact that her operate was selected at the 2022 Whitney Biennial (aptly themed Peaceful As It truly is Saved), is equally an homage and existing tense conversation about New York, with a feeling of pandemic isolation and a city that is struggling to as soon as all over again come across its footing. 

”At this stage in my lifestyle, my trajectory is not linear any longer, it really is a spiral,” Dickson stated in the exhibition catalog. “More than the very last two years, I experienced time to rethink my historical past. I’m a various particular person and the earth is a different position and this community, as it stood, no for a longer period exists. This operate of Situations Square which is from ’80s photos is actually the initially time I am on the lookout back again on anything that is gone. Up till now, my matter has been that I’m normally seeking at matters that are anachronistic in the present. […] I believe that viewpoint actually signifies wherever you are looking from. I’m not supplying you a universal real truth: this is what this corner of contemporary actuality seems like to me from my spot, right now.” 

In this feeling, I come across Dickson’s do the job akin or in discussion with Matt Bollinger, who we showcased in our Spring 2022 edition and also speaks to the American psyche of time equally lost and a current so in will need of re-evaluation. Dickson is operating from memory, memorializing a time but also comprehending that these forgotten spots even now exist and have a life that hums together, even right after you leave. It is really a highly effective dream. —Evan Pricco


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