This is the first tutorial of IP deal with series. It is followed by How World-wide-web forwards packets, Community address, Classful, and Subnetting.

Q1. Why IP address is required?
Remedy: Telephones are connected to phone network to trade voice messages. A exclusive mobile phone range is assigned to every phone.
World-wide-web is related to telephone community. IP stands for World wide web Protocol. It defines a set of rules to exchange digital messages in World-wide-web. Computers are linked to Net to transfer messages in more compact packets. Each and every pc is assigned a exceptional IP address. Each packet is tagged by a supply handle and a vacation spot handle. Online takes advantage of location deal with to forward packets to its destination. The supply address is employed by the destination to respond.

Q2. What is the composition of IP handle?
Response: It consists of 32 bits or 4 bytes (8 bit/byte). It is typically offered as 4 decimal quantities like a.b.c.d. Just about every decimal is mapped to a byte. Each decimal’s variety is ~255.
For case in point, Jack’s deal with can be introduced in two techniques:
– Four decimal variety, or
– A 32 bit binary range 01100100.00000100.00000101.00000110

Q3. How quite a few IP addresses are there?
Respond to: All over 4.2 billions (2^32=4,294,967,296.) It looks like a big range. but it really is not. Internet addresses are in quick source. 32 bit handle was built in early 1980s known as IPv4. The newer one particular is termed IPv6 with 128 bits handle.

Q4. What is World-wide-web?
Remedy: A simplified definition is that Online is a collection of routers that connects pcs and gives inter-computer system conversation solutions. Use Google to lookup “Web,” you are going to locate a lot of good tutorials.

Q5. How does Net produce personal computer messages?
Solution: Net is made of quite a few routers. Router’s occupation is to forward packets according to receiver’s tackle bundled in packet’s community headers.

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