In Indigenous American astrology, there are twelve Indigenous American zodiac signals primarily based on the medication wheel and they make up a twelve-thirty day period calendar. For every single thirty day period, there is a corresponding animal indication, and this animal indicator contributes to the character features of the man or woman born under that Indigenous American zodiac sign.

But Native American spirituality indicates that these animals also present them selves as spirit companions for those people born under that indicator. They make by themselves available to assist each individual individual study lifetime lessons, create more fascinating characteristics and mend in regardless of what way aids them expand and turn into the individuals they had been meant to be.

This write-up series has taken a seem at every single of the twelve Native American zodiac indicators and in this report, we will analyze the sturgeon. If you were being born between July 23rd and August 22nd, you have been born beneath the indication of the sturgeon totem.

Non secular Qualities

From the sturgeon, you can discover how to persevere no make a difference how tough the situation, how to remain accurate to your course, you can fortify your dedication and understand about depth and knowledge.

Sturgeon Totem Character Traits

“People born underneath the indication of the sturgeon, considered to be a single of the strongest signs in Native American astrology, are dominant, spontaneous, creative and extroverted. These people ended up born to lead. They possess grace and dignity, and they have an expansive identity. Formidable and strong-willed, they are positive and confident in their talents. These persons know what they want in lifestyle and they get it.”-Deborah Durbin, Only Native American Astrology

Does this sound common?

If you were being born less than this indicator, you are not effortlessly discouraged and will persist to achieve your goal. You can continue to keep going in even the toughest situation. You can be pretty stubborn, as well, in your persistence, and in other methods. Occasionally, you just refuse to listen to the other person’s facet of items.

But you also are type and generous and even though you ascertain to do well, you do not want to do so at a person else’s cost.

You are meant to lead but do not function perfectly on a staff. Confronted with teamwork, you generally will conclusion up taking cost.

Normally, you have beneficial anticipations, but from time to time react terribly when factors do not change out as you anticipated. At moments like all those, it helps to have beloved ones all over to persuade you and this generally allows to restore your self-assurance.


You are likely to increase to the prime in business enterprise or commerce but may possibly have specifications as well superior for politics. Any career that provides leadership and advancement would be of reward.

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