While the Sony PSP is easily one of the best handheld video-gaming systems, it can also be a powerful mobile movie player. However, trying to build your PSP movie collection can be an expensive task. The PSP compatible movies (UMD) can run upwards of $30 at most retail stores. For most of us, that can add up quickly and really burn a hole in your wallet. Fortunately there are now options to download your movies online for free (even high-def movies).

Many people think they can find free PSP movies simply by searching for it in a major search engine. Well you can try, but you are going to find thousands of different websites claiming to offer free PSP movie downloads. The dirty truth is that many of these so-called “free PSP movie download” websites charge a per-download or monthly fee, offer no real customer service, and can even install viruses on your computer. So be careful!

So, where can you download free PSP movies? There are some websites out there in all the rubbish which usually charge a one-time fee to join (I think I paid around $35 for most). Once you become a member you gain access to unlimited PSP movies, games, music, wallpaper, and software free to download. All of which is frequently updated with new releases. These sites are great and allow you to build a library of PSP movies while saving you a ton of money.

Some things to keep in mind when searching for a PSP movie download site:

  • No Per-Download or Monthly Fee – Look for PSP download services which charge a small, one-time fee.
  • Unlimited Downloads – Don’t let limited downloads keep you from building your collection of PSP movies.

  • Free, Lifetime Customer Support – You never know when you will need help or advice during your PSP downloading adventures. Be sure your PSP download service offers 24/7 lifetime support. It’s simply not worth it if it doesn’t.
  • Speedy Downloads – Most of the reputable PSP downloading services have lightning fast downloads. Of course this is also relative to the speed of your connection. If you have DSL or a cable modem, you should be good to go. If you have dial-up, it may slow down at times.

Be sure to visit my website where I’ve reviewed and rated the top PSP download services I’ve seen.

The Sony PSP is an amazing handheld device with the ability to play movies, and the fact that you can now download all your movies online makes it even better. So stop paying so much for your movies, and start downloading them.

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