Marketing is a word, a magic that helps you to churn out more profits and staying afloat in the challenging world. Significantly, the world of the Bollywood is an apt example that’s success story can be written only via marketing strategies. The huge investment, many hard works, career start for many, all depends only on the marketing strategy to make the movie successful. The movie release faces real-time challenges as the number of movie releases at one time (Hollywood/ Bollywood). Additionally, challenges are of doing new every week, no loyalty branding, meeting the existing benchmark and best music, best story, best actor and so on. Therefore, Bollywood marketing strategies are considered to be one of the best learning lessons for the marketing students.

The digital world has introduced several new opportunities and ways to develop and enhance marketing of the products. The marketing strategies of the Bollywood movie offers a real-time platform to grasp the basics of the promotions and advertising. With focusing on the real fact, marketing gurus also justify the concept and strategies of marketing from Bollywood Movies. It is aimed to highlight the significance of the marketing strategies in the dynamic changes of the globalized world.

Key Marketing Strategies-

Challenges and the First Strategy- Moviedom is witnessed with the rapid changes through the technical advancement and the glamorous fashion. The basic need is to maintain the key focus of entertainment with overlapping the difference of the changing world. Therefore, the marketing strategies need to identify the challenge and to create the first effective marketing plan. This first plan should be comprised of each and every step of promotion that should be sufficient enough to face the real world challenges in terms of money, creativity, the medium of promotion and time.

Online Marketing Campaign-

With the increasing numbers of the internet users, the online marketing campaign is the best medium to cover up the maximum viewers in investing less amount. The website advertising, social media ads, promotion through the mobile app or promo launch on the e-commerce website, graphics, and animations, music launch including ringtones and hello tunes are some of the trending approaches of the successful promotions steps.

360-degree campaign:

The campaign should be rotational 360 degrees i.e. it should cover all types of the audience from a small city to overseas. Along with the new advanced promotional steps do not forget to cover all traditional strategies like posters, radio, CD’s, event promotions and many.

The animated character from the ‘Hum Tum’ movie is the best example that proves the efficiency of promotion through animation or gaming. Similarly, mobile games based on the movie character like proved his significance in the movie promotion. The music launch of ‘Ghoomar’, Jag Ghumiya, ladki kar gayi chul and list are of many that proves to be a strong reason for the movie success. The factor shows that in the product each and every part is very important and should be perfect and innovative. So, design each and every promotion strategy by focusing on every aspect of the product.

The marketing field has become the most innovative, interesting as well as challenging. Bollywood along with the marketing would go parallel and will reach to the new milestone of creativity. Every new challenge is an opportunity to explore the new way of promotion and advertising.

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