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About the Gunia Challenge

GUNIA Task is a Ukrainian manufacturer of remarkable interior goods & accessories centered on crafts and major decor — it expands and rethinks common craftsmanship as a result of hard work and creativity. The founders are two Ukrainian designers, Natalia Kamenska and Maria Gavryliuk. 

Their major target is to maintain Ukraine’s national values and inform the world about the country’s splendor in a present day way. Motivated by their ancestors’ deep and abundant cultural heritage, Natalia and Maria create ceramics, glass, homeware, and components.

Gunia Project

Gunia Project

Gunia Project


The major philosophy of the model is not to restrict alone.

The term “Project” in the title stands for the want of the brand name to interpret Ukrainian heritage in various types and devoid of boundaries.

For instance, the brand name provides candles, sculptures, carpets, and jewellery, creates educational content through social, shares facts about artisanal crafts — and is planning to expand the wide range of pursuits even more in the potential. The brand employs people crafts to inspire and considers the slightest details of conventional tradition to make designer solutions.

Ukrainian Heritage

Ukraine has huge cultural possible, loaded with rich traditions and cultural manifestations, regrettably predominantly unfamiliar to most folks. As a result, one particular of the primary aims of Ukrainian models is to spread accurate facts about our nationwide masterpieces by overturning stereotypes and existing artificial perceptions. 

Gunia Project

Gunia Project


GUNIA Challenge is among the manufacturers that aim to adjust the worldwide views about our country fashioned in the previous and clearly show its new and present day present. From time immemorial, lots of stereotypes have gathered all around Ukraine GUNIA Undertaking tries to affect human ideas about Ukraine and alter them.

The most important compass of the brand’s operate is the modernization of art and giving a 2nd lifestyle to those overlooked things and meanings. With its careful method to resurrecting traditions in design and style, GUNIA Undertaking develops a lifestyle of caring for crafts, supplies, and traditions, nurturing mindful use and emotional attachment to matters.

About the Founders 

The founders and artwork directors of GUNIA Task — Natalia Kamenskaya and Maria Gavrilyuk worked with each other for a long time in the fashion sector and, in 2019, joined forces to generate GUNIA Undertaking.

The central eyesight drives the imaginative duo to build the upcoming inspired by the ideal practices of the past and its modern-day interpretation. 

The initial products produced below the brand identify was the Hutsul wool coat gunia, handmade in the Carpathians. It is in honor of this merchandise that GUNIA Project obtained its name.


Ukraine has a wealthy and ancient lifestyle of handicrafts, thanks to the country’s deep record and the artists that have entangled that account into their masterpieces with their very own hands. GUNIA Project supports Ukrainian artisans and revives historical Ukrainian tactics to uncover the underexplored environment of Ukrainian craft for people today fascinated in art and its roots and for aesthetic connoisseurs.

The lookup for artists specializing in uncommon methods is a pretty accountable approach. Even now, the founders prepare carefully and by no means limit the reason of the hunt because they often discover even far more than just gifted folks. They frequently locate a fantastic addition to the staff, a fascinating story driving it, or an inspiration for the new assortment.


Throughout the brand’s journey, the GUNIA Job staff has labored with various tactics to produce a number of products. Among them are the guta glass, ceramics, gunia’s, and textile objects.   

Tempered glass

A single of the special methods is the generation of Guta glass which then requires the form of suave homeware. It is ordinarily designed in the Carpathiansthe mountainous location in the Western section of Ukraine by a especially exceptional technique. Everything is performed delicately by hand to produce merchandise of the suitable shape, then coloration is added. 

It is truly worth noting that glass has its attributes. Consequently, it is rather complicated to get the job done with, so the craftsmen can rightly contact themselves genuine artists as they have a established of distinct techniques and solutions of manual processing of glass in a scorching state that are pretty complicated to replicate.



Developing clay dishes or attractive products is a meticulous multi-action process into which artists invest all their knowledge and practical experience. In Ukraine, ceramic plates historically used by Ukrainian housewives were being built by hand and adorned with hand-painted ornaments and styles. GUNIA borrowed and adapted the idea to the modern day globe, generating goods that can look good in the kitchen and when utilised as decor. 

These types of dishes can turn out to be a accurate jewel in the dwelling, adding a contact to the age-previous experience of our ancestors. The GUNIA Venture founders designed exceptional layouts motivated by Ukrainian stained glass, antique towels, and Ukrainian folklore.


Gunia weaving

The most iconic point for the model is a regular Hutsul fur coat named “gunia”, woven from sheared sheep’s wool named gunia. That is the place the manufacturer identify arrived from. 

Developing these a fur coat will take several weeks and is accomplished solely by hand. Gunias have been worn as perform clothes when men and women tended to sheep in the mountains. The artists with fantastic technology and expertise emphasize that producing gunia stunning and lush is crucial. Just about every depth in this delicate function is necessary, especially earning yarns on ancient cherished musical devices utilizing systems handed down from more mature generations.


The founders’ launch of the 1st collection of ornamented silk scarves by GUNIA Challenge was in 2018, motivated by Ukrainian embroidered towels of the XVIII century from the archives of the Ivan Honchar Museum.

The Initial Gunia Collection

When getting ready the to start with selection, Maria and Natasha proven an unavoidable and shut link with other arts — painting, icons, woodwork, and ceramics. Scarves and bandanas of the model manufactured of silk and wool adorned with ornaments primarily based on naive folks paintings or ceremonial getaway sewing are all handmade and stand out with a exclusive colour palette.


In Ukraine, there are entire villages the place the major exercise of the population is wickerwork. In historic times, the whole household took element in this approach. Each individual item is a distinctive creation that displays the author’s temper, skill, and character. The technique of wickerwork is really magical, particularly the unique planning of thin cane or total vines for weaving. The artists make a basket with their personal arms and place soul into just about every merchandise, which commonly requires a full day of tricky operate. 

GUNIA Challenge shows us repeatedly that anything established by the artists is usually exclusive and exceptional because it has its vitality, heritage, and soul. Masterpieces of wickerwork, stuffed with crucial written content, could become a talisman for any property.

GUNIA Project is a brand name that has absorbed traditions, customs, and creative heritage and turned these masterpieces into modern day things of our lives. The large good quality and particular character of each individual solution are of the essence. 

Certainly, the power of just about every nation is in its authentic historical past, and those who emphasize and assist this with their creativeness, like GUNIA Undertaking, are worthy of particular emphasis and admiration.

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