From The Wheel To The Lathe | Nicholas Lees | Episode 846


Nicholas Lees | Episode 846

Nicholas Lees has a string of degrees from College of Kent (BA), University of the West of England (BA), College of Wales Institute, Cardiff (MA), and the Royal Higher education of Artwork (MPhil). Nicholas has work exhibited in the Uk and overseas and in community collections, including York Town Art Gallery, Westerwald Keramikmuseum in Germany, and Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche in Italy. His awards contain the Cersaie Prize, Faenza and Nicholas was a Senior Lecturer at Tub Spa University concerning 2000 and 2010 and is now a Visiting Lecturer at RCA and UCA Farnham.


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Do you at any time find men and women copying your work?

Not in ceramic. Marginally. I have witnessed some people today directly duplicate it in wood, wood turners had taken the same plan and then form of misunderstood it a bit. On the total I kind of think, yeah, it is definitely hard to make. If people today want to copy it, go in advance and have a go then. See if you can.

How are you acquiring your operate out into the entire world?

Largely it goes through galleries. I have a marriage with a amount of galleries, so I primarily offer via galleries. I use Instagram and I have a website but I never operate that tricky at immediate offering myself due to the fact I seriously like to make the do the job and galleries do the task of providing it. It’s a pleasant way to function.

How many galleries do you require to have to be able to comfortably make sufficient for them and not be overworked?

Properly I am working with about 5 or 6 galleries regularly at the minute, generally in the U.K., one in France. A bit fewer in Europe.  I was performing far more in Europe but the latest political….nicely Brexit hasn’t aided, I’ll put it that way.

Do you have a course of action finding the galleries or did they occur to you?

A little bit of each. I feel the galleries I am functioning with at the instant, possibly additional of them have occur to me than I have approached them. I have performed a whole lot of approaching galleries, and composing to folks, and in the finish the interactions that seem to be to work best is where the galleries have found me and the place I assumed they have been the correct place for me.

When you are selling on your have is there ever a conflict there? Are you seeking to match the pricing of what the galleries are selling for? 

Completely, yeah. The rate is the very same, whether it is from me or from the gallery.

Who sets the pricing for your items? Is that you telling the galleries what you want it marketed for or is it vis versa?

Type of , I suppose you strike a benchmark for that and then it is established. But that has occur by way of in essence looking at the kind of market place and contemplating about where my perform is in the market and  a little bit by means of negotiation with good gallerists. They are up for discussion about what they imagine is the correct cost.

Is it significant for the gallery to tell collectors that they are labored on with a lathe?

It’s appealing. I believe that’s truly variable. I believe it differs from put to place and actually from consumer to client in the galleries. Some folks are genuinely intrigued in that. Some people today truly want to know about the artist and they want to know about why they designed it. There’s a total great deal of stuff I almost certainly have not told you about why I make it and where by I consider it comes from. The tale of method, some individuals are definitely intrigued in how it’s produced and some individuals just believe, Which is a stunning object. I want to have it. 

Has anybody ever accused you of performing slip casting for this operate?

Some people today suppose that they are forged or that they are created by a CNC machine. Yeah, individuals are in some cases astonished by how they are produced. Yeah. Not that slip casting is an accusation. Slip casting is a fantastic process. I appreciate slip casting.

That is good. Place me in my put. (laughter) 

These are not slip cast.


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