Today, we’re chatting about having motion with your art…And what we imply by that, is when you come across on your own a little bit caught somewhere, then how to do one thing about it.

Podcast Ep 116 Taking Action with your Art

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The strategy for this episode came about when I was obtaining my own private self-confidence disaster, which we all have from time to time. It was at that time that I was experimenting with new suggestions, but still, I was commonly down on my artwork.

But, then matters commenced to come about, that advised me that essentially, I was accomplishing alright… Of class, me, being me, I believed it was some kind of message from the universe, but then Tara pointed out that probably it is simply because I took some motion lately, and that created individuals things occur.

I had entered the SWA exhibition, which I experienced under no circumstances finished prior to, and my painting obtained picked. I had set all of my artwork up on a secondary web-site, and shortly afterwards a single of my paintings was showcased in their May perhaps favourites and not lengthy just after that, I also received a fee.

I labored tougher on my social media and off the back of that, I acquired invited on an additional podcast as a guest… All of these issues, I had place down to some sort of concept, the place of class, Tara, who is much far more degree-headed than I am, was right… It wasn’t a concept from the universe. It was simply just for the reason that I experienced actively, even if unwittingly, designed all those points occur, and just as I experienced commenced to truly feel flat, they all arrived to fruition.


Very first of all, you need to have to glance at what might you want to get action on.

Is there anything at all you are not joyful with at the second?

Most likely you really feel like your artwork isn’t improving upon

If that’s the circumstance you will need to talk to oneself why not?

The most very likely response is that you are not placing ample time into actively drawing.

So the action you need to have to take is to:

  • Place aside a established quantity of time to draw just about every working day or week and adhere to it.
  • Consider aspect in troubles or make a single for you that will help you enhance
  • Bear in mind to be real looking, if you have a total-time occupation and a spouse and children you probably don’t want to timetable in 4 hrs a day, but maybe half an hour a day is doable. Minimal and normally will work very best.


Set apart some time for lively mastering

Observe is really important, but make positive you set apart some time for energetic discovering way too. You will boost a lot more quickly if you merge observe, with reading tutorial textbooks or observing movies on the issues you want to increase on.

But you do need to have to do each. So make absolutely sure you are also placing enough time into actively training and not just viewing other men and women do it.

You could also consider a program. That could be a actual physical course that you truly go to, or it might be an online class.

I know, Tara, that you like an on-line course, for the reason that you have carried out hundreds of them. How handy have you identified them?


Are you trying to study a new medium?

Maybe you are disappointed because you have been seeking to find out a new medium, but you cannot feel to get to grips with it.

This could be for the reason that you aren’t putting steady time into it

Your Action:

  • Probably you may well want to sign up for a obstacle relevant to that medium. That could give you the accountability you want.
  • I try to remember attempting to find out how to build loose watercolour faces without drawing to start with. Together with acquiring a advisable e-book I made a decision I would paint a encounter a day right until I felt I experienced the knack of it. Up to day 10 was a disaster, I was finding discouraged, then as if by magic the following deal with worked considerably improved, it was like magic. Of course, it was not best, but I could see progress. You won’t necessarily see improvement every single working day, you are inclined to make a leap and then stay the identical for a bit.


Probably you are missing some know-how that could assistance propel you forward.


So apart from what I stated before, which was to study tutorial guides and check out videos, why not interact with other artists who do the variety of artwork that you are into. Check with their information!

Of class, there are normally heading to be some artists who are heading to be hesitant to share their expertise, it’s unlucky. But luckily for us, the greater part are a lot more than happy to share some tips.


It’s possible you are working with the erroneous products.

This is a common with watercolour. If you try out and master watercolours employing low-cost paper, it can be a catastrophe. Even an completed watercolourist would battle with low-cost paper.

And that is basically the identical with a lot of mediums. I keep in mind people today in our group possessing difficulty producing watercolour brush pens work. And that was since they have been usig a conventional cartridge paper that was just soaking in the color

So the Motion, in this case, would be to

Examine up on the medium and search for out movie tutorials. You could also get to out to someone on social media and ask for advice


You come to feel like you are not remaining noticed or recognized

Perhaps you are assured in the artwork you’re developing, and however you really feel like you are not staying found or seen.

Possibly you are not putting adequate work in to Social Media


So, the to start with imagine to do is to make a strategy to article at minimum after a day.

And it actually doesn’t have to be a fancy publish, there are all sorts of amazing methods to share your artwork on social media and in reality, recently we did an overall episode on 31 strategies to share your art, so absolutely examine that just one out if you require some concepts.

But it assists if you allocate certain occasions especially for publishing. Seriously it’s just to remind people today you are there and it encourages people today to have interaction with you as perfectly. And do not overlook to shell out a little time commenting on other people’s posts too.


Have a hear to our prior Episode on sharing your artwork much too.

Some motion you could take on your social media

You could possibly want to Devote a day or half a day a 7 days generating your reel and scheduling your posts. That way you know it’s accomplished and really don’t have to suddenly occur up with anything to article.

If you have a web site, maybe you are not driving site visitors to it frequently ample


Consistently publish backlinks to your products. Demonstrate what you like about the piece, what it suggests to you.


If you never share your artwork, no one will see it

If you really don’t want your possess web page, then it’s possible it’s time to be part of Etsy, Artfinder or one thing equivalent. Or, possibly even a web site. If you never share your art, no person will see it.

A web site is a really great way to share your artwork and it’s considerably less difficult if you really really don’t want to establish a web-site. And the superior issue is, they are commonly totally free as well, so there are no expenditures associated.


Do you truly feel like almost nothing has transpired for ages to help transfer you ahead in your art vocation?

Probably you are not throwing ample sticks in the air or having sufficient pitfalls.


  • Enter a competitors (be very careful which as it shouldn’t value considerably, if any dollars).
  • Consider inquiring other men and women who you assume the goal marketplace is for your artwork. I did this in a team as soon as and anyone suggested a niche I experienced never ever even read of. It was connected to the tattoo market, when I searched it, I could see how my artwork may in shape.


Really don’t be scared to check with huge questions.

Would you be intrigued in showing my function in your gallery?

Would I be in a position to keep an exhibition in your place? (this does not have to be in ta gallery… It could be in your community pub!

What is the worst that could materialize? They can say no? Effectively that is fantastic. Try out someplace else!


Do you sense like you are not providing everything?

Maybe you are not pushing your work out there adequate.


  • Remind individuals of impending dates, like Father’s Day, the Wedding ceremony Time, Moms working day, Valentines working day, Christmas… Are they hunting for a unique present? You can website link them to your items or offer commissions.

Do you come to feel like you are not obtaining substantially engagement on Social Media?

It might be that you just have not located the proper viewers.


  • Maybe Linkedin or Twitter or a distinctive system could be worth experimenting with if you now use Instagram or visa versa. You can normally use a social media app to push information out to a lot of distinctive sites at after.
  • Maybe there are a certain established of men and women you have to have to achieve, You want to function out exactly where they are.


Perhaps you are putting time into one thing that is just not ideal for you.


Make a decision if you are flogging a lifeless horse. From time to time you have to know when it’s time to cut your losses and test a little something else. If you’re doubtful, established a time restrict and force until eventually you have attained it. If almost nothing has changed, then it is time to make a decision.

I had to do this a short while ago. I’d set a lot of time in to NFTs, but following a though I realised that, for it to work, I would need to spend even far more time on it, which I do not have, so the time I do have is far better used creating operate to offer on other platforms that do do the job for me.

Your ideal off throwing a few sticks in the air and then concentrating on the ones that search like there heading to do one thing.

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