Ep 114 Art Collaboration Ideas


In today’s art podcast we are talking about artwork collaboration ideas. We are heading to give you some strategies on different approaches you could get the job done with other artists and creatives.

Art Podcast - Art collaboration ideas

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1 artist commences a drawing and the other finishes it

Collaborating can be fantastic exciting, so you want to consider anything, but you want to keep it definitely straightforward to exam the h2o, you make a drawing (or part of a drawing) and then ship it to the individual you have selected to collaborate with… and then that man or woman could contend the drawing, or include their personal factor to it.

Or better nevertheless you could the two create a drawing and then swap!

And this reminds me of that activity we made use of to enjoy as young children, named ‘Hats.’ And what you would do, is attract a hat at the prime of a piece of paper, then fold it down so the other particular person couldn’t see it, then they would draw the head, fold it down and hand it back again. And you’d continue to keep undertaking it until finally you reached the toes. Then at the finish, you would open up the paper and reveal the weird human being you’d equally produced.

A sketchbook relay

An additional genuinely awesome thought would be to get alongside one another with a team of mates and do a sketchbook relay. So, you would sketch the initially webpage, then ship the e book to the upcoming man or woman and they would fill the following web page and so on. Ultimately, the total ebook would be one large collaboration!

We have imagined about carrying out this for Kick in the Creatives, but the logistics might be a little bit challenging due to the fact we are all about the earth! But it could be genuinely great to do some thing like that.

Edit two pieces of art alongside one another digitally

You could both make a little something by hand and then edit it with each other digitally with a photo modifying app like Photoshop.

A person way of accomplishing this is to equally begin with the identical reference impression. Do your have interpretation and then see if you can blend the two collectively digitally. Or one particular of you could get started so the other can see what they have to operate with.

We did consider that we could possibly do a collab like this. It’s possible Tara could attract a facial area and then Sandra could attract a piece of fruit or a hand keeping a glass and then we see if we could reduce them together digitally

Various artists attract on an on the internet drawing board

There are on line drawing boards the place you can get alongside one another with on line pals and all draw on the exact same board. Tara as soon as did this at an on the net occasion and the benefits had been extremely great.

A 2nd artists is effective above the top rated of your art digitally

Another way to collaborate is for a single of you could create a piece of art and then the other person operates around the leading digitally. That is the way I have worked with the collaborations I have done. For the reason that the other artists do the job digitally, I started off and then scanned in my piece and then they labored around he top.

Build every other an artwork box challenge

Another way you could collaborate is by sending each individual other a package deal of artwork components that the other man or woman has to create some thing with. This could be the materials that you like to use that could possibly thrust the other man or woman out of their ease and comfort zone.

Sandra and Tara did this by sending just about every other artwork supplies of an agreed value.

Art postcard swap

So, on our Facebook team, we organise a postcard swap at the commencing of every month. So, any individual who would like to do it, puts their title down and then we randomly choose pairs. Then individuals two people today have to generate a postcard and ship it to the other individual by the conclude of the thirty day period. So it not strictly a collab, but it’s a lovely way of sharing art and so awesome to acquire a little something exclusive in the write-up, which is not a bill or a piece of junk mail!

Book of artwork or assortment of postcards

You could come collectively as a group and build a ebook of artwork or assortment of postcards – as effectively as currently being a awesome piece it could support cross market you. This would function well if you ended up heading to attend an party exactly where you could hand them out

Collaborate on art problems you established yourselves

You could collaborate by environment each individual other art problems. This is how we commenced working with each other and what got me drawing all over again. You can opt for a problem that suits you each even if you tactic it distinct means.

Performing with a good friend helps maintain you accountable

Do an existing artwork obstacle collectively

You could do the similar organised art challenge with a mate. That way you can cheer every single other on and compare notes!

Joint artwork exhibition or function

A further way of collaborating is to do a joint exhibition or event. Sandra did a joint exhibition a pair of years in the past, with her friend Kerry, who’s also an artist and it definitely does make it much less nerve-wracking, simply because you have each other there for moral help. Also, you have another person else to assist with all of the organising, which can be very a headache on your possess.

Tara has organised a collaboration party for NFTS. It provides alongside one another 30 artists to do 30 collaborations in 30 days. We have to warn you however this is pretty an endeavor to convey 30 persons with each other, Tara was sensation rather pressured at situations. So you could possibly want to begin small and then create up to greater collaborations

Collaborate on teaching art

You could collaborate on educating art. Is there anything that you and a pal would like to teach. Why not instruct it with each other and convey two perspectives to the table

Collaborate on artwork in various forms

And as we know, artwork will come in tons of different kinds. It doesn’t have to be all about visible artwork. You can collaborate on a piece of new music, a poem, or perhaps a tale, like Tara and I did.

Or possibly one particular can compose the reserve and the other could illustrate. Just really do not check with me to illustrate it normally you’ll nonetheless be waiting around three a long time later on!

In simple fact it could be any variety of innovative endeavour blended with each other. I have not too long ago noticed some electronic artists collaborating with musicians to generate animated art with tunes

Points to consider when collaborating

1 last factor and it is an critical issue to consider… If you are considering of embarking on a significant collab, then make guaranteed you are assured that you are a fantastic match. Recall, you will equally need to have to be reliable and on the very same site, otherwise you could locate that you’ll both let down the other individual or they will permit you down.

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If you could feature in a famous painting, which would it be, and why?

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